The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 112, N 16, April 22.

Title:  The role of steps in the dynamics of hydrogen
dissociation on Pt(533)
Author(s):  A.T. Gee, B.E. Hayden, C. Mormiche, and
T.S. Nunney

Title:  Correlation between charge-transfer complex
formation and positional disorder in a binary
donor-acceptor glass
Author(s):  A. Schreiber, S.J. Zilker, and D. Haarer

Title:  Real-space surface crystallography: 
Experimental stereographic projections 
from ion scattering
Author(s):  I.L. Bolotin and J.W. Rabalais

Title:  Probing nanoscale photo-oxidation in organic films
using spatial hole burning near-field scanning op-
tical microscopy
Author(s):  G.M. Credo, G.M. Lowman, J.A. DeAro,
P.J. Carson, D.L. Winn, and S.K. Buratto

Title:  Near-field optics:  The nightmare of the photon
Author(s):  Ole Keller

Title:  Ferroelectric polarizawtion imaging using aperture-
less near-field scanning optical microscopy
Author(s):  Jeremy Levy, Charles Hubert, and Angelo Trivelli

Title:  Nanometer-scale resolution and depth dis-
crimination in near-field optical microscopy
studies of electric-field-induced molecular
reorientation dynamics
Author(s):  Erwen Mei and Daniel A. Higgins

Title:  Optical near-field excitation at the semiconductor
band edge:  Field distributions, anisotropic transi-
tions and quadrupole enhancement
Author(s):  A. von der Heydt, A. Knorr, B. Hanewinkel,
and S.W. Koch

Title:  Probing single molecule orientations in model lipid
membranes with near-field scanning optical microscopy
Author(s):  Christopher W. Hollars and Robert C. Dunn

Title:  Theoretical principles of near-field optical micro-
scopies and spectroscopies
Author(s):  Alain Dereux, Christian Girard, and
Jean-Claude Weeber

Title:  Imaging organic device function with near field
scanning optical microscopy
Author(s):  Jason D. McNeill, Donald B. O'Connor, and
Paul F. Barbara

Title:  Scanning near-field optical microscopy with aper-
ture probes:  Fundamentals and applications
Author(s):  Bert Hecht, Beate Sick, Urs P. Wild,
Volker Deckert, Renata Zenobi,
Olivier J.F. Martin, and Dieter W. Pohl

Title:  Analysis of individual (macro)-molecules and proteins
using near-field optics
Author(s):  Niek F. van Hulst, Joost-Anne Veerman,
Maria F. Garcia-Parajo, and L. Kobus, Kuipers

Title:  A close look on single quantum dots
Author(s):  A. Zrenner

Title:  Influence of the treatment of electrostatic
interactions on the results of free energy
calculations of dipolar systems
Author(s):  Michael Brunsteiner and Stefan Boresch

Title:  Including dispersion in CI-singles calculations
for the spectroscopy of chromophores in solution
Author(s):  Sylvio Canuto, Kaline Coutinho, and
Michael C. Zerner

Title:  A Monte Carlo-quantum mechanics study of the sol-
vatochromic shifts of the lowest transition of
Author(s):  Kaline Coutinho, Sylvio Canuto, and
M.C. Zerner

Title:  Density fluctuations and shear viscosity of mole-
cular liquids:  Carbon dioxide and nitrogen
Author(s):  Kyunil Rah and Byung Chan Eu

Title:  On the equivalence of continuum and lattice
models for fluids
Author(s):  Athanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos

Title:  Local density augmentation on attractive supercritical
solutions:  Inhomogeneous fluid approach
Author(s):  S.A. Egorov

Title:  Quantum generalized Langevin equation:  Explicit
inclusion of nonlinear system dynamics
Author(s):  H. Keith McDowell

Title:  Shannon information entropies of molecules and 
functional groups in the self-consistent reaction 
Author(s):  Minhhuy Ho, B. James Clark, Vedene H. Smith, Jr.,
Donald F. Weaver, Carlo Gatti, Robin P. Sagar, 
and Rodolfo O. Esquivel

Title:  Contact angle hysteresis generated by the residual
gravitational field of the space shuttle
Author(s):  C.A. Ward, P. Rahimi, M.R. Sasges, and
D. Stanga

Title:  Phase behavior of two-dimensional hard rod
Author(s):  Martin A. Bates and Daan Frenkel

Title:  Experimental evidence of structural evolution in ultra
fine cobalt particles stabilized in different polymers. 
From a polytetrahedral arrangement to the hexagonal 
Author(s):  F. Dassenoy, M.-J. Casanove, P. Lecante,
M. Verelst, E. Snoeck, A. Mosset, T. Ould Ely,
C. Amiens, and B. Chaudret

Title:  Solute molecular dynamics in a mesoscale solvent
Author(s):  Anatoly Malevanets and Raymond Kapral

Title:  The structure of saturated lithium-and 
potassium- ammonia solutions as studied 
by using neutron diffraction
Author(s):  Jonathan C. Wasse, Shusaku Hayama, 
Neal T. Skipper, Chris J. Benmore 
and Alan K. Soper

Title:  The rolling transition of a Gaussian chain end-
grafted at a pentrable surface
Author(s):  A.M. Skvortsov, L.I. Klushin, J. van Male,
F.A.M. Leermakers

Title:  Optimal packing of polydisperse hard-sphere fluids
Author(s):  Ronald Blaak

Title:  Solid-state deuterium NMR of the methyl dynamics
of Poly({alpha}-methylstyrene) and Polymethylphenyl-
Author(s):  Robert D. O'Connor, Eric Ginsburg, and Frank D. Blum

Title:  Monte Carlo simulation of the motions associated 
with a single Rouse segment
Author(s):  Y.-H. Lin and Z.-H. Luo

Title:  Ultrafast charge separation and exciplex formation
induced by strong interaction between electron
donor and acceptor at short distances
Author(s):  Shinichiro Iwai, Shigeo Murata,
Ryuzi Katoh, M. Tachiya, Koichi Kukuchi,
and Yasutake Takahashi

Title:  Reversible fluorescence quenching:  Generalized
Stern-Volmer equations on the basis of self- 
consistent quenching constant relations 
Author(s):  Wolfgang Naumann

Title:  First-order intermolecular interaction energies
from coupled-cluster Brueckner orbitals
Author(s):  Andreas He{beta}elmann and Georg Jansen

Title:  Exponentially correlated Gaussian functions in
variational calculations.  Quadrupole moment
for the ground state of helium dimer
Author(s):  Jacek Komasa

Title:  On the triplet - singlet energy gap of acetylene
Author(s):  Hung Thanh Le, Michaela Flock and
Minh Tho Nguyen

Title:  Theoretical calculation of transition
probability for N atom and ions 
Author(s):  Nengwu Zheng, Tao Wang, Ruyi Yang, and
Yonggang Wu

Title:  Finding transition structures in extended systems:
A strategy based on a combined quantum mechanics - 
Empirical valence bond approach
Author(s):  Marek Sierka and Joachim Sauer

Title:  Electron-pair radii and relative sizes of atoms
Author(s):  Toshikatsu Koga

Title:  An exchange functional for accurate virtual
orbital energies
Author(s):  F.R. Manby and P.J. Knowles

Title:  Optimized effective potential method for polymers
Author(s):  P. Sule, S. Kurth, and V. Van Doren

Title:  NMR quantum logic gates using quadrupolar nuclei
Author(s):  A.K. Khitrin and B.M. Fung

Title:  Probing the electronic structure of Redox species
and direct determination of intrinsic reorgani-
zation energies of electron transfer reactions
Author(s):  Xue-Bin Wang and Lai-Sheng Wang

Title:  Classical survival probability for ozone photo-
dissociation in the Hartley band
Author(s):  Gerard Parlant

Title:  Selection rules for nuclear spin modifications
in ion-neutral reactions involving H{_3}{^+}
Author(s):  M. Cordonnier, D. Uy, R.M. Dickson,
K.E. Kerr, Y. Zhang, and T. Oka

Title:  Theory for the nonadiabatic multi-channel frag-
mentation of the Na{_3}{^+} cluster ion following
collision with a He atom
Author(s):  D. Babikov, E.A. Gislason, M. Sizum,
F. Aguillon, and V. Sidis

Title:  Vibrational excitation of OCS molecules by
positron and electron impacts
Author(s):  M.K. Kawada, O. Sueoka, and M. Kimura

Title:  The triplet wavefunction of C{_60} from W-band ENDOR
Author(s):  X.L.R. Dauw, G.J.B. van den Berg,
D.J. van den Heuvel, O.G. Poluektov,
and E.J.J. Groenen

Title:  Guided ion beam studies of electron and isotope
transfer in {^14}N{^+} + {^15}N{_2} collisions
Author(s):  J. Glosik, A. Luca, S. Mark, and D. Gerlich

Title:  Weak bond stretching for three orientations of Ar-HF
at {nu}{_HF} = 3
Author(s):  Cheng-Chi Chuang, Kelly J. Higgins,
Henry C. Fu, and William Klemperer

Title:  Reaction dynamics of electronically state-specific
CH{_2} with NO
Author(s):  Hongmei Su, Bozhen Chen, Ming-Bao Huang,
Yajun Liu, and Fanao Kong

Title:  Effect of molecular bending on the photodissociation
of OCS
Author(s):  Akihiro Sugita, Michio Mashino, Masahiro Kawasaki,
Yutaka Matsumi, Richard Bersohn, Gundula Trott-Kriegeskorte,
and Karl-Heinz Gericke

Title:  Infrared spectra and theoretical studies of the
C{_2}O{_3}{^-} anion isolated in solid argon
Author(s):  Mingfei Zhou, Luning Zhang, Mohua Chen,
and Qizong Qin

Title:  Polarization transfer dynamics in Lee Goldburg-Cross
polarization NMR experiments on rotating solids
Author(s):  Vladimir Ladizhansky and Shimon Vega