Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 113, N 12, 22 September.

TE Vibrational dephasing dynamics at hydrogenated and deuterated
semiconductor surfaces: Symmetry analysis
AU J.-K.Wang, C.-S.Tsai, C.-E.Lin, and J.-C.Lin

TE A method whereby Onsager coefficients may be evaluated
AU Janet A.W.Elliott, Heidi Y.Elmoazzen, and Locksley E.McGann

TE Molecular Ornstein-Zernike approach to the solvent effects on
solute electronic structures in solution
AU Norio Yoshida and Shigeki Kato

TE Compactness, aggregation and prion-like behavior of protein. A
lattice model study
AU Gilberto Giugliarelli, Cristian Micheletti Jayanth R.Banavar,
and Amos Maritan

TE Ice nanotube: What does the unit cell look like?
AU Kenichiro Koga, Ruben D.Parra, Hideki Tanaka and X.C.Zeng

TE Using a classical potential as an efficient importance function
for sampling from an ab-initio potential
AU Radu Iftimie, Dennis Salahub, Dongqing Wei, and Jeremy Schofield

TE Comparison of three Monte Carlo conformational search strategies
for a protein-like homopolymer model: Folding thermodynamics and
identification of low energy structures
AU Dominik Gront, Andrzej Kolinski, and Jeffrey Skolnick

TE Time and temperature invariances in the evolution of properties
through the glass transition
AU Juan Bisquert Mascarell and Germa Garcia Belmonte

TE A computer simulation study of tilted smectic mesophases
AU Ian M.Withers, Christopher M.Care, and Douglas J.Cleaver

TE Small mesoscopic particles in dilute and semidilute solutions of
nonadsorbing polymers
AU E.Eisenriegler

TE Non-equilibrium hard-disk packings with controlled orientational order
AU Anuraag R.Kansal, Thomas M.Truskett, and Salvatore Torquato

TE Gibbs ensemble simulation of water in spherical cavities
AU Ivan Brovchenko, Dietmar Paschek, and Alfons Geiger

TE Computer simulation of the thermodynamic properties of
high-temperature chemically-reacting plasmas
AU Martin Lisal, William R.Smith, and Ivo Nezbeda

TE Thermodynamic properties of H{_2}O and D{_2}O in the critical region
AU A.Kostrowicka Wyczalkowska, Kh.S.Abdulkadirova, M.A.Anisimov,
and J.V.Sengers

TE Transient electronic absorption of vibrationally excited
CH{_2}I{_2}: Watching energy flow in solution
AU Dieter Bingemann, Andrew M.King, and F.Fleming Crim

TE Magnetic circular dichroism of symmetry and spin forbidden
transitions of high-spin metal ions
AU Vasily S.Oganesyan and Andrew J.Thomson

TE Crossed beam reaction of cyano radicals with hydrocarbon
molecules. IV: Chemical dynamics of cyanoacetylene (HCCCN;
X{^1}{SIGMA}{^+}) formation from reaction of
CN(X{^2}{SIGMA}{^+}) with acetylene, C{_2}H{_2}(X{^1}{SIGMA}{_g}{^+})
AU L.C.L.Huang, O.Asvany, A.H.H.Chang, N.Balucani, S.H.Lin,
Y.T.Lee, R.I.Kaiser, and Y.Osamura

TE Crossed beam reaction of cyano radicals with hydrocarbon
molecules. III: Chemical dynamics of vinylcyanide (C{_2}H{_3}CN;
X{^1}A') formation from reaction of CN(X{^2}{SIGMA}{^+})with
ethylene, C{_2}H{_4}(X{^1}A{_g}) +)with ethylene,
AU N.Balucani, O.Asvany, A.H.H.Chang, S.H., Lin, Y.T.Lee,
R.I.Kaiser, and Y.Osamura

TE Fourier grid Hamiltonian multiconfigurational
self-consistent-field: A method to calculate multidimensional
hydrogen vibrational wavefucntions
AU Simon P.Webb and Sharon Hammes-Schiffer

TE Efficient multidimensional free energy calculations for ab
initio molecular dynamics using classical bias potentials
AU Joost VandeVondele and Ursula Rothlisberger

TE Experimental and theoretical study of line mixing in methane
spectra. IV. Influence of the temperature and of the band
AU D.Pieroni, Nguyen-Van-Thanh, C.Brodbeck, J.-M.Hartmann,
T.Gabard, J.-P.Champion, D.Bermejo, J.-L.Domenech, C.Claveau,
and A.Valentin

TE The 193 nm photodissociation of CH{_2}=CClF
AU Y.R.Lee, L.T.Wang, Y.T.Lee, and S.M.Lin

TE Rate constants for energy transfer in carbon monoxide
AU Cecilia Coletti and Gert D.Billing

TE Infrared spectra of the C{_2}H{_2}-HCl complexes: An
experimental and ab initio study
AU P.Carcabal, M.Broquier, M.Chevalier, A.Picard-Bersellini,
V.Brenner, and P.Millie

TE Permanent electric dipoles in B{^1}{PI} and D{^1}{PI} states of
NaRb: Experiment and theory
AU O.Nikolayeva, I.Klincare, M.Auzinsh, M.Tamanis, R.Ferber,
E.A.Pazyuk, A.V.Stolyarov, A.Zaitsevskii, and R.Cimiraglia

TE Selective excitation of diatomic molecules by chirped laser pulses
AU Bo Y.Chang, Ignacio R.Sola, Vladimir S.Malinovsky,
and Jesus Santamaria

TE Translational and rotational excitation of the CO{_2} (00{^0}0)
vibrationless state in the collisional quenching of highly
vibrationally excited 2-methylpyrazine: Kinetics and dynamics of
large energy transfers
AU Eric T.Sevy, Seth M.Rubin, Zhen Lin, and George W.Flynn