The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, March 8, V 112, N 10.

TE Multiscale filter diagonalization method for spectral analysis
of noisy data with nonlocalized features
AU Jianhan Chen and Vladimir A.Mandelshtam
PP 4429-4437

TE Optimized partitioning in perturbation theory: Comparison to
related approaches
AU P.R.Surjan and A.Szabados
PP 4438-4446

TE Exact and asymptotic solutions of the mixed quantum-classical
Liouville equation
AU Chun-Cheng Wan and Jeremy Schofield
PP 4447-4459


TE Electron configuration changes in excited pyrazine molecules analyzed by femtosecond time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy AU V.Stert, P.Farmanara, and W.Radloff PP 4460-4464 TE An accurate H_{2}-H_{2} interaction potential from first principles AU Phong Diep and J.Karl Johnson PP 4465-4473 TE Experimental and theoretical study of rotationally inelastic collisions of highly rotationally excited CN(A ^{2}Pi) with Ar AU Xin Yang, Paul J.Dagdigian, and Millard H.Alexander PP 4474-4484 TE The rotational spectrum of single OCS molecules in liquid ^{4}He droplets AU Slava Grebenev, Matthias Hartmann, Martina Havenith, Boris Sartakov, J.Peter Toennies, and Andrei F.Vilesov PP 4485-4495 TE Quantum scattering calculations of energy transfer and isomerization of HCN/HNC in collisions with Ar AU Kurt M.Christoffel and Joel M.Bowman PP 4496-4505 TE Low temperature measurements of the rate of association to benzene dimers in helium AU Stephanie Hamon, Sebastien D.Le Picard, Andre Canosa, Bertrand R.Rowe, and Ian W.M.Smith PP 4506-4516 TE Modeling ionic mobilities by scattering on electronic density isosurfaces: Application to silicon cluster anions AU Alexandre A.Shvartsburg, Bei Liu, Martin F.Jarrold, and Kai-Ming Ho PP 4517-4526 TE Intermolecular vibrations and asymmetric-top pendular states in 1-naphthol-H_{2}O and -NH_{3} AU Wousik Kim, Soohyun Lee, and Peter M.Felker PP 4527-4535 TE Observation of a transition state resonance in the integral cross section of the F+HD reaction AU Rex T.Skodje, Dimitris Skouteris, David E.Manolopoulos, Shih-Huang Lee, Feng Dong, and Kopin Liu PP 4536-4552 TE Two-dimensional vibrational spectroscopy. IV. Relationship between through-space vibrational coupling and intermolecular distance AU Sangjoon Hahn, Keyngwon Kwak, and Minhaeng Cho PP 4553-4556 TE The product rovibrational and spin-orbit state dependent dynamics of the complex reaction H+CO_{2}-->OH(^{2}Pi;nu,N,Omega,f)+CO: Memories of a lifetime AU M.Brouard, D.W.Hughes, K.S.Kalogerakis, and J.P.Simons PP 4557-4571 TE Resolving the controversy over the second ionization potential of the nitrate free radical NO_{3} AU Dodi Heryadi and Danny L.Yeager PP 4572-4578 TE Collisional activation of the endoergic hydrogen atom transfer reaction S^{-}(^{2}P)+H_{2}-->SH^{-}+H AU Katarzyna Rempala and Kent M.Ervin PP 4579-4590 TE Band oscillator strengths of the intersystem transitions of CO AU F.Rostas, M.Eidelsberg, A.Jolly, J.L.Lemaire, A.Le Floch, and J.Rostas PP 4591-4603 TE An ab initio study of the potential energy surface and spectrum of Ar-CO AU Rafal R.Toczylowski and Slawomir M.Cybulski PP 4604-4612 TE Energy-resolved collision-induced dissociation of Cu_{n}^{+} (n=2-9): Stability and fragmentation pathways AU Oddur Ingolfsson, Ulrike Busolt, and Ko-ichi Sugawara PP 4613-4620 TE Photoexcitation and predissociation intensities of the c' ^{1}SIGMA_{u}^{+} (v=3 and 4), c ^{1}PI_{u} (v=3 and 4), and b' ^{1}SIGMA_{u}^{+} (v=10, 12, 13, and 15) states of N_{2} AU C.W.Walter, P.C.Cosby, and H.Helm PP 4621-4633 TE Crossed beams studies of Mo(a ^{7}S_{3}) and Mo^{*}(a ^{5}S_{2}) collisions with CH_{4} and C_{2}H_{6} AU Ryan Z.Hinrichs, Peter A.Willis, Hans U.Stauffer, Jonathan J.Schroden, and H.Floyd Davis PP 4634-4643 TE Dynamics of the E state of HBr and DBr: Evidence for the role of tunneling AU S.M.Hurley, Q.Zhong, and A.W.Castleman, Jr. PP 4644-4647 TE Bond-forming reactions of molecular dications with rare gas atoms: Production of ArC^{2+} in the reaction CO^{2+}+Ar AU Wenyun Lu, Paolo Tosi, and Davide Bassi PP 4648-4651

TE Fluorescence interferometry with random phased pulses: Diagonal site disorder and vibrational effects in molecular solids-A theoretical treatment AU V.Szoecs, A.Tortschanoff, T.Palszegi, Ch.Warmuth, and H.F.Kauffmann PP 4652-4661 TE Density dependence of solvation properties in polar dumbbell fluids from gaseous to liquid densities AU Y.Takebayashi, Y.Kimura, and M.Ohba PP 4662-4675 TE Temperature-dependent rotational relaxation of nonpolar probes in mono and diols: Size effects versus hydrogen bonding AU G.B.Dutt and G.Rama Krishna PP 4676-4682 TE A theory of void formation in charge-stabilized colloidal suspensions at low ionic strength AU Patrick B.Warren PP 4683-4698 TE H-bond spectroscopy as the level crossing problem: Evolution of nonstationary probe spectra AU A.I.Burshtein and A.Yu.Sivachenko PP 4699-4706 TE Mean-field theory of an electron solvated in molten salts AU G.N.Chuev and V.V.Sychyov PP 4707-4715 TE Spectral analysis of electron transfer kinetics. I. Symmetric reactions AU Jianshu Cao and Younjoon Jung PP 4716-4722

TE Time moment analysis of first passage time, time lag and residence time problems via Taylor expansion of transmission matrix AU Jenn-Shing Chen and Wen-Yih Chang PP 4723-4730 TE Surface diffusion of long chainlike molecules: The role of memory effects and stiffness on effective diffusion barriers AU T.Hjelt and I.Vattulainen PP 4731-4738 TE Dynamics of dissociative methane adsorption on metals: CH_{4} on Pt(1x2) AU A.V.Walker and D.A.King PP 4739-4748 TE Interchain interactions in conjugated materials: The exciton model versus the supermolecular approach AU D.Beljonne, J.Cornil, R.Silbey, P.Millie, and J.L.Bredas PP 4749-4758 TE Stereo-selective binding of chlorobenzene on Si(111)-7x7 AU Y.Cao, J.F.Deng, and G.Q.Xu PP 4759-4767 TE First-order wetting transitions of neon on solid CO_{2} from density functional calculations AU Francesco Ancilotto and Flavio Toigo PP 4768-4772 TE Investigation of geometric shell aluminum clusters using the Gupta many-body potential AU Giles W.Turner, Roy L.Johnston, and Nicholas T.Wilson PP 4773-4778 TE Characterization of oxygen phases created during oxidation of Ru(0001) AU A.Boettcher, H.Conrad, and H.Niehus PP 4779-4787 TE Electronic structure and kinetics of K on graphite AU L.Lou, L.Oesterlund, and B.Hellsing PP 4788-4796 TE Helium scattering cross section of adsorbates on highly corrugated surfaces AU D.Farias, M.Patting, and K.H.Rieder PP 4797-4800

TE Ab initio treatment of electron correlations in polymers: Lithium hydride chain and beryllium hydride polymer AU Ayjamal Abdurahman, Alok Shukla, and Michael Dolg PP 4801-4805 TE Composition dependence of chi from neutron scattering, compressibility, and a purely interaction chi AU P.D.Gujrati PP 4806-4821 TE Molecular dynamics simulations of gel (L_{betaI}) phase lipid bilayers in constant pressure and constant surface area ensembles AU Richard M.Venable, Bernard R.Brooks, and Richard W.Pastor PP 4822-4832 TE Transition in three-dimensional micellar systems AU M.Girardi and W.Figueiredo PP 4833-4835 TE Roto-translational diffusion of biaxial probes in uniaxial liquid crystal phases AU Andrea Brognara, Paolo Pasini, and Claudio Zannoni PP 4836-4848 TE Phase behavior of comblike copolymers: The integral equation theory AU Pavel G.Khalatur and Alexei R.Khokhlov PP 4849-4861 TE The tricontinuous double-gyroid structure from a three-component polymer system AU Jiro Suzuki, Motohiro Seki, and Yushu Matsushita PP 4862-4868 TE Structure and thermodynamics of anisotropic polymer fluids AU Galen T.Pickett and Kenneth S.Schweizer PP 4869-4880 TE Liquid crystallinity in flexible and rigid rod polymers AU Galen T.Pickett and Kenneth S.Schweizer PP 4881-4892

TE Comment on "Positron and positronium chemistry by quantum Monte Carlo. IV. Can this method accurately compute observables beyond energy" [J. Chem. Phys., v.111, 108 (1999)] AU J.Mitroy and G.G.Ryzhikh PP 4893-4894