Journal of Chemical Physics, 1998, V 109, N 10, 8 Sep.

%T  Erratum:  Harmonic inversionof time signals and its
%A  Vladimir A. Mandelshtam and Howard S. Taylor

%T  Chemistry of PO{^-}, PO{_2}{^-}, and PO{_3}{^-} in the gas phase
%A  Robert A. Morris and A.A. Viggiano

%T  Scattering of aligned molecules.  The potential
    energy surfaces for the Kr-O{_2} and Xe-O{_2} systems
%A  Vincenzo Aquilanti, Daniela Ascenzi,
    David Cappelletti, Miguel de Castro,
    and Fernando Pirani

%T  Intermolecular interaction in the OH{^+}-He and 
    OH{^+}-Ne open-shell ionic complexes.  Infrared
    predissociation spectra of the {nu}{_1} and {nu}{_1}_{nu}{_b} 
%A  Doris Roth, Sergey A. Nizkorodov, John P. Maier,
    and Otto Dopfer

%T  Vibrational states in the electronic ground state
    of the OH{^+}-He and OH{^+}-Ne complexes
%A  Markus Meuwly, John P. Maier, and
    Pavel Rosmus

%T  Highly predissociative levels of CH B{^2}{1/2}{^-}
    state detected with two-color resonant four-
    wave mixing spectroscopy
%A  Awadhesh Kumar, Chih-Chang Shiao,
    Wen-Ching Hung, and Y.-P. Lee

%T  A comparative high-resolution study of pre-
    dissociation line widths in the Schumann-
    Runge bands of O{_2}
    P.M. Dooley, B.R. Lewis, S.T. Gibson,
%A  K.G.H. Baldwin, P.C. Cosby, J.L. Price,
    R.A. Copeland, T.G. Slanger, A.P. Thorne,
    J.E. Murray, and K. Yoshino

%T  Variational reaction path algorithm
%A  Patton L. Fast and Donald G. Truhlar

%T  The {^2}{pi} <-- X {^2}{pi} electronic spectra of C{_8}H and
    C{_10}H in the gas phase
%A  Harold Linnartz, Tomasz Motylewski, and
    John P. Maier

%T  Product representation of potential energy surfaces.
%A  A. Jackle and H.-D. Meyer

%T  S-2p photoexcitation spectra of SO{_2} at high
%A  E. Gedat, R. Puttner, M. Domke, and G. Kaindl

%T  Anomalously slow intramolecular vibrational redis-
    tribution in the acetylene X{^~1}{SIGMA}{_g}{^+} state
    above 10,000 cm{^-1} of internal energy
%A  Matthew P. Jacobson, Jonathan P. O'Brien,
    and Robert W. Field

%T  Extracting accurate bound-state spectra from
    approximative wave packet propagation using
    the filter-diagonalization method
%A  M.H. Beck and H.-D. Meyer

%T  Implications of parity conservation for
    superpositions of chiral states
%A  Christopher S. Maierle and Robert A. Harris

%T  The internal axis system of molecules with one
    large amplitude internal motion
%A  Viktor Szalay and Juan Ortigoso

%T  Systematic design and evaluation of multiple-pulse
    experiments in nuclear magnetic resonance spectro-
    scopy using a semi-continuous Baker-Campbell-
    Hausdorff expansion
%A  M. Hohwy and N.C. Nielsen

%T  Hyperquantization algorithm.  I.  Theory for
    triatomic systems
%A  Vincenzo Aquilanti, Simonetta Cavalli, and
    Dario De Fazio

%T  Hyperquantization algorithm.  II.  Implementation
    for the F + H{_2} reaction dynamics including open-shell
    and spin-orbit interaction
%A  Vincenzo Aquilanti, Simonetta Cavalli,
    Dario De Fazio, and Alessandro Volpi

%T  A direct comparison of vibrational deactivation
    of hexafluorobenzene excited by infrared mul-
    tiple photon absorption and internal conversion
%A  Jason R. Gascooke, Zeyad T. Alwahabi,
    Keith D. King, and Warren D. Lawrance

%T  A combined experimental and theoretical study of
    rotational energy transfer in collisions between
    NO(X{^2}{PI}{_1/2}, {nu} = 3,J) and He, Ar and N{_2} at
    temperatures down to 7 K
%A  Philip L. James, Ian R. Sims, Ian W.M. Smith,
    Millard H. Alexander, and Moonbong Yang

%T  Transition energies of lanthanum, actinium, and
    eka-actinium (element 121)
%A  Ephraim Eliav, Sergei Shmulyian,
    Uzi Kaldor, and Yasuyuki Ishikawa

%T  Theoretical studies of the structures and vibrational
    freqencies of actinide compounds using relativistic
    effective core potentials with Hartree-Fock and den-
    sity functional methods. UF{_6}, NpF{_6} and PuF{_6}
%A  P. Jeffrey Hay and Richard L. Martin

%T  The chemistry of the superheavy elements.  II.  The sta-
    bility of high oxidation states in group 11 elements.  Re-
    lativistic coupled cluster calculations for the di-, tetra-
    and hexa fluoro metallates of Cu, Ag, Au and element 111
%A  Michael Seth, Fiona Cooke, Peter Schwerdtfeger,
    Jean-Louis Heully, and Michel Pelissier

%T  Interfacing relativistic and nonrelativistic
    methods.  II.  Investigation of a low-order
%A  Kenneth G. Dyall

%T  Why semi-local functionals work.  Accuracy
    of the on-top pair density and importance
    of system-averaging
%A  Kieron Burke, John P. Perdew and
    Matthias Ernzerhof