International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2006, V 78, N 4, March.

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Separation of small metallic nonferrous 
ps in low concentration from mineral 
wastes using dielectrophoresis  • 
Mihai Lungu
Pages 215-219 

Pre-concentration and residual bitumen 
removal from Athabasca oilsands froth
treatment tailings by a Falcon 
centrifugal concentrator  • 
Q. Liu, Z. Cui and T.H. Etsell
Pages 220-230 

Effect of surface oxide/hydroxide 
products on the collectorless 
flotation of copper-activated sphalerite  • 
D. Fornasiero and J. Ralston
Pages 231-237 

Influence of adsorbed polysaccharides
and polyacrylamides on talc flotation  • 
David A. Beattie, Le Huynh, 
Gillian B. Kaggwa and John Ralston
Pages 238-249 

Some breakage characteristics of 
ultra-fine wet grinding with a 
centrifugal mill  • 
Heechan Cho, Hoon Lee and Yeongwoo Lee
Pages 250-261 

Influence of shape characteristics 
of talc mineral on the column 
flotation behavior  • 
Hulya Kursun and Ugur Ulusoy
Pages 262-268 

Erratum to "Nanobubbles, hydrophobic 
effect, heterocoagulation and 
hydrodynamics in flotation" 
[Int. J. Miner. Process 78(2005) 11–21]  •
H. Schubert
Page 269 

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