International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2006, V 79, N 3, June.

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Page CO2 

Research Papers
New collectors for sphalerite flotation • 
R. Natarajan and I. Nirdosh
Pages 141-148 

Simultaneous optimization of the performance
of flotation circuits and their simplification
using the jumping gene adaptations of genetic
algorithm-II: More complex problems • 
Chandan Guria, Mohan Varma, Surya P. Mehrotra
and Santosh K. Gupta
Pages 149-166 

Modified column flotation of adsorbing iron 
hydroxide colloidal precipitates • 
F. Capponi, M. Sartori, M.L. Souza and J. Rubio
Pages 167-173 

Slurry flow in mills with TCPL — An efficient 
pulp lifter for ag/sag mills • 
Sanjeeva Latchireddi and Stephen Morrell
Pages 174-187 

Predicting dynamic failure of dense granules
from static compression tests • 
R.E. Maxim, A.D. Salman and M.J. Hounslow
Pages 188-197 

Removal of cyanide from aqueous solutions by 
plain and metal-impregnated granular activated carbons • 
H. Deveci, E.Y. Yazici, I. Alp and T. Uslu
Pages 198-208