International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2006, V 81, N 2, November.

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Page CO2 

In appreciation of Professor 
R. Peter King (1938–2006) • PERSONAL REPORT
S. Chander
Pages 63-64 
Research Papers
Hydrodynamics and scale up in Rushton 
turbine flotation cells: Part 2. Flotation 
scale-up for laboratory and pilot cells • 
Ray Newell and Stephen Grano
Pages 65-78 

Decomposition of ilmenite by concentrated 
KOH solution under atmospheric pressure • 
Yumin Liu, Tao Qi, Jinglong Chu, 
Qijie Tong and Yi Zhang
Pages 79-84 

Continuous air rate measurement in flotation
cells: Some fundamental considerations • 
J.A. Torrealba-Vargas and J.A. Finch
Pages 85-92 

Tribo-electrostatic behaviour of high 
ash non-coking Indian thermal coal • 
R.K. Dwari and K. Hanumantha Rao
Pages 93-104 

Selective copper dissolution during 
bioleaching of molybdenite concentrate • 
M.A. Askari Zamani, R. Vaghar and M. Oliazadeh
Pages 105-112 

Effects of process parameters on the 
comminution capability of high 
pressure water jet mill • 
Longlian Cui, Liqian An and Weili Gong
Pages 113-121 

Concentration of K-feldspar from a 
pegmatitic feldspar ore by flotation • 
C. Karaguzel, I. Gulgonul, C. Demir, 
M. Cinar and M.S. Celik
Pages 122-132