International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2006, V 79, N 2, May.

Editorial Board 
Page iii 

Research Papers 
2. Dissolution of magnesia in aqueous carbon 
dioxide by ultrasound 
A. Kadir Mesci and Fatih Sevim
Pages 83-88 

A test of the Tate equation to predict 
bubble size at an orifice in the 
presence of frother 
Jose R. Hernandez-Aguilar, Ryan Cunningham 
and James A. Finch
Pages 89-97 

Utilization of Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) 
slag in the production of a hydraulic cement binder 
A. Srinivasa Reddy, R.K. Pradhan and Sanjay Chandra
Pages 98-105 

Microstructure characterization of mechanically 
activated hematite using XRD line broadening 
Parviz Pourghahramani and Eric Forssberg
Pages 106-119 

Comparative study of microstructural characteristics 
and stored energy of mechanically activated 
hematite in different grinding environments 
Parviz Pourghahramani and Eric Forssberg
Pages 120-139