International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2006, V 78, N 2, January.

Editorial Board  • 
Page iii 

Parameter studies on the rheology of limestone slurries  • 
Mingzhao He, Yanmin Wang and Eric Forssberg
Pages 63-77 

Surface nano-structured particles and characterization  • 
Yu-Fen Yang, Guo-Sheng Gai and Shi-Min Fan
Pages 78-84 

Estimating the recovery of size-liberation classes
in industrial flotation cells: A simple technique
for minimizing the propagation of the 
experimental error  • 
O.N. Savassi
Pages 85-92 

A simple approach for determining particle size 
enlargement mechanisms in nickel reduction  • 
V.C. Taty Costodes, C.F. Mausse, K. Molala 
and A.E. Lewis
Pages 93-100 

Influence of unadsorbed and weakly adsorbed 
flocculants on separation properties of 
kaolin suspensions  • 
L. Besra, D.K. Sengupta and S.K. Roy
Pages 101-109 

Drag on non-spherical particles in power 
law non-Newtonian media  • 
P. Rajitha, R.P. Chhabra, 
N.E. Sabiri and Jacques Comiti
Pages 110-121 

Selective attachment and spreading of 
hydroxamic acid–alcohol collector 
mixtures in phosphate flotation  • 
Xuming Wang, Anh V. Nguyen and Jan D. Miller
Pages 122-130