International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2006, V 80, N 2-4, September.

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Research Papers

Methods for the rapid characterization
of dewaterability of particulate suspensions • 
Rahul Konnur
Pages 79-87 

Reduction roasting of limonite ores: 
effect of dehydroxylation • 
F. O'Connor, W.H. Cheung and M. Valix
Pages 88-99 

The performance of the empirical models 
on industrial hydrocyclone design • 
Wanwilai Kraipech, Wu Chen, Tom Dyakowski 
and Andrzej Nowakowski
Pages 100-115 

An experimental study of scale growth rate 
and flow velocity of a super-saturated 
caustic–aluminate solution • 
S.J. Nawrath, M.M.K. Khan and M.C. Welsh
Pages 116-125 

A study on the preparation of fine 
and low soda alumina • 
Yi Yong Park, Suong Oh Lee, Tam Tran, 
Seong Jun Kim and Myong Jun Kim
Pages 126-132 

Evaluation of multiphase flotation models
in grid turbulence via P Image Velocimetry • 
Michael R. Brady, Demetri P. Telionis, 
Pavlos P. Vlachos and Roe-Hoan Yoon
Pages 133-143 

Study on the kinetics of iron oxide 
leaching by oxalic acid • 
Suong Oh Lee, Tam Tran, Yi Yong Park, 
Seong Jun Kim and Myong Jun Kim
Pages 144-152 

An electrochemical study of pyrite oxidation
in the presence of carbon coatings in cyanide medium • 
H. Tan, D. Feng, J.S.J. van Deventer and G.C. Lukey
Pages 153-168 

Effect of oxidation potential and zinc sulphate
on the separation of chalcopyrite from pyrite • 
Shuhua He, William Skinner and Daniel Fornasiero
Pages 169-176 

An analysis of medium losses in coal washing plants • 
R. Sripriya, A. Dutta, P.K. Dhall, M. Narasimha, 
Vikas Kumar and B.S. Tiwari
Pages 177-188 

Micro-properties of coal aggregates: Implications
on hyperbaric filtration performance for coal dewatering • 
C. Selomulya, J.Y.H. Liao, G. Bickert and R. Amal
Pages 189-197 

Scale up possibilities for microwave leaching
of chalcopyrite in ferric sulphate • 
M. Al-Harahsheh, S. Kingman and S. Bradshaw
Pages 198-204 

ToF-SIMS and SEM study on the preferential 
oxidation of chalcopyrite • 
Mohammad Al-Harahsheh, Sam Kingman, 
Frank Rutten and David Briggs
Pages 205-214 

Enhanced removal of dissolved metal ions 
in radioactive effluents by flocculation • 
T.K. Rout, D.K. Sengupta, G. Kaur 
and Surender Kumar
Pages 215-222 

Kinetics of leaching of oxidized and reduced 
ilmenite in dilute hydrochloric acid solutions • 
M.K. Sarker, A.K.M.B. Rashid and A.S.W. Kurny
Pages 223-228 

Organization of amphiphiles, Part VIII: Role 
of polyoxyethylated alkylphenols in optimizing
the beneficiation of hydrophilic mineral • 
Pramila Kumari Misra, Sagarika Panigrahi 
and P. Somasundaran
Pages 229-237 

Zinc extraction from Iranian low-grade complex 
zinc–lead ore by two native microorganisms: 
Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and Sulfobacillus • 
S.M. Mousavi, S. Yaghmaei, M. Vossoughi, 
A. Jafari and R. Roostaazad
Pages 238-243 

Exploiting the dual functions of polymer 
depressants in fine p flotation • 
Qi Liu, David Wannas and Yongjun Peng
Pages 244-254 

Preparation of filter aids based on diatomites • 
Sanja Martinovic, Milica Vlahovic, 
Tamara Boljanac and Ljubica Pavlovic
Pages 255-260 

Short Communications
Hydrometallurgical processing and recovery 
of molybdenum trioxide from spent catalyst • 
Kyung Ho Park, B. Ramachandra Reddy, 
D. Mohapatra and Chul-Woo Nam
Pages 261-265 

Effect of some additives on synthesis of 
zeolite from coal fly ash • 
Deyi Wu, Bohua Zhang, Li Yan, 
Hainan Kong and Xinze Wang
Pages 266-272 

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