International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2006, V 81, N 1, October.

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Page iii 
Research Papers
Production of carbonate and 
silica nano-ps in stirred bead milling • 
Yanmin Wang and Eric Forssberg
Pages 1-14 

The selective flotation of enargite 
from other copper minerals - a single 
mineral study in relation to beneficiation
of the Tampakan deposit in the Philippines • 
G.D. Senior, P.J. Guy and W.J. Bruckard
Pages 15-26 

Flotation and depression control of arsenopyrite
through pH and pulp redox potential using
xanthate as the collector • 
A. Lopez Valdivieso, A.A. Sanchez Lopez, 
C. Ojeda Escamilla and M.C. Fuerstenau
Pages 27-34 

Biosorption of mercury(II), cadmium(II) and 
lead(II) ions from aqueous system by microalgae 
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii immobilized in alginate beads • 
Gulay Bayramoglu, Ilhami Tuzun, Gokce Celik, 
Meltem Yilmaz and M. Yakup Arica
Pages 35-43 

Selective leaching of antimony and arsenic
from mechanically activated tetrahedrite, 
jamesonite and enargite • 
P. Balaz and M. Achimovicova
Pages 44-50 

The effect of thermal treatment on the 
compositional structure of humic acids 
extracted from South African bituminous coal • 
M.P. Skhonde, A.A. Herod, T.J. van der Walt, 
W.L. Tsatsi and K. Mokoena
Pages 51-57 
Short Communication
Biological copper extraction from melting 
furnaces dust of Sarcheshmeh copper mine • 
M. Massinaie, M. Oliazadeh and A. Seyed Bagheri
Pages 58-62