International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2006, V 80, N 1, August.

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Research Papers
Large eddy simulation of hydrocyclone-prediction
of air-core diameter and shape • 
M. Narasimha, Mathew Brennan and P.N. Holtham
Pages 1-14 

Analysis of the gold recovery profile 
through a cyanidation plant • 
L.R.P. de Andrade Lima and D. Hodouin
Pages 15-26 

Dissolution kinetics of natural magnesite
in lactic acid solutions • 
Feray Bakan, Oral Lacin, Bahar Bayrak
and Hanifi Sarac
Pages 27-34 

A laboratory study of high chromium alloy
wear in phosphate grinding mill • 
G.L. Chen, D. Tao and B.K. Parekh
Pages 35-42 

Modelling transport phenomena in a 
flotation de-inking column: Focus on 
gas flow, pulp and froth retention time • 
D. Beneventi, X. Rousset and E. Zeno
Pages 43-57 

Modeling of the classification behavior 
of the diaphragms used in 
multi-chamber cement mills • 
C.E. Qzer, S,.L. Ergun and A.H. Benzer
Pages 58-70 

Modeling of flowing film concentrators: 
Part 1. Water split behaviour • 
A.K. Majumder, G.J. Lyman, M. Brennan
and P.N. Holtham
Pages 71-77