International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2006, V 79, N 1, April.

Editorial Board  • 
Page iii 

Chemistry of acid production in 
black coal mine washery wastes  • 
Sheila Devasahayam
Pages 1-8 

Coal preparation plant optimization: 
A critical review of the existing methods  • 
V. Gupta and M.K. Mohanty
Pages 9-17 

Effect of the bubble size on the dynamic 
adsorption of frothers and collectors in flotation  • 
Anh V. Nguyen, Chi M. Phan and Geoffrey M. Evans
Pages 18-26 

Acid leaching of ash and coal: Time 
dependence and trace element occurrences  • 
Mehtap Paul, Meryem Seferinoglu, Gul Asiye Aycik, 
Ake Sandstrom, Michael L. Smith and Jan Paul
Pages 27-41 

Investigations on the extraction of 
molybdenum and vanadium from ammonia 
leaching residue of spent catalyst  • 
Yun Chen, Qiming Feng, Yanhai Shao, 
Guofan Zhang, Leming Ou and Yiping Lu
Pages 42-48 

An empirical model for predicting 
flakiness in cone crushing  • 
Magnus Bengtsson and C. Magnus Evertsson
Pages 49-60 

Depression mechanisms of sodium bisulphite
in the xanthate-induced flotation 
of copper activated sphalerite  • 
T.N. Khmeleva, J.K. Chapelet, 
W.M. Skinner and D.A. Beattie
Pages 61-75 

Improvement of the quartz sand 
processing at Hohenbocka  • 
A.N. Banza, J. Quindt and E. Gock
Pages 76-82