International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2002, V 66, N 1-4, September.

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 L. Besra, D.K. Sengupta, S.K. Roy and P. Ay 
Studies on flocculation and dewatering of kaolin suspensions by anionic 
polyacrylamide flocculant in the presence of some surfactants 

 A. Kumari and K.A. Natarajan 
Electrochemical aspects of leaching of ocean nodules in the presence and absence 
of microorganisms 

 W. Kraipech, W. Chen, F.J. Parma and T. Dyakowski 
Modelling the fish-hook effect of the flow within hydrocyclones 

 Zdzislaw Stegowski and Jean-Pierre Leclerc 
Determination of the solid separation and residence time distributions in an 
industrial hydrocyclone using radioisotope tracer experiments 

 Sachihito Nitta, Abel Bissombolo, Takashi Furuyama and Sukeyuki Mori 
Relationship between Bond's work index (Wi) and uniformity constant (n) of 
grinding kinetics on Tower mill milling limestone 

 V. Malysiak et al. 
Pentlandite-feldspar interaction and its effect on separation by flotation 

 P. d'Hugues, S. Foucher, P. Gall?-Cavalloni and D. Morin 
Continuous bioleaching of chalcopyrite using a novel extremely thermophilic 
mixed culture 

 J.W. Phair and J.S.J. Van Deventer 
Effect of the silicate activator pH on the microstructural characteristics of 
waste-based geopolymers 

 A.K. Mukherjee and S. Chandra 
A robust statistical method to evaluate unit operation in coal washery 

 M. Benzaazoua et al. 
Mineralogical distribution of some minor and trace elements during a laboratory 
flotation processing of Neves-Corvo ore (Portugal) 

 L. Besra, D.K. Sengupta, S.K. Roy and P. Ay 
Polymer adsorption: its correlation with flocculation and dewatering of kaolin 
suspension in the presence and absence of surfactants 

 L. Besra, D.K. Sengupta, S.K. Roy and P. Ay 
Flocculation and dewatering of kaolin suspensions in the presence of 
polyacrylamide and surfactants 

 W. Mulak, P. Bala and M. Chojnacka 
Chemical and morphological changes of millerite by mechanical activation 

 M.K. Ghosh, R.P. Das and A.K. Biswas 
Oxidative ammonia leaching of sphalerite - Part I: Noncatalytic kinetics 

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