International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2000, V 58, N 1-4, February.

Special Issue: In Honor of Dr. Frank F. Aplan edited by S. Chander, D.W. Fuerstenau and R. Hogg
P.K. Ackerman, G.H. Harris, R.R. Klimpel, F.F. Aplan, Use of xanthogen
formates as collectors in the flotation of copper sulfides and pyrite,
pp. 1-13

D.W. Fuerstenau, R. Herrera-Urbina, D.W. McGlashan, Studies on the
applicability of chelating agents as universal collectors for copper
pp. 15-33

Guy H. Harris, Renhe Jia, An improved class of flotation frothers,
pp. 35-43

S. Chander, A. Khan, Effect of sulfur dioxide on flotation of chalcopyrite,
pp. 45-55

Zhuo Chen, Roe-Hoan Yoon, Electrochemistry of copper activation of
sphalerite at pH 9.2, 
pp. 57-66

H.E. El-Shall, D.A. Elgillani, N.A. Abdel-Khalek, Role of zinc sulfate in
depression of lead-activated sphalerite, 
pp. 67-75

Richard R. Klimpel, Optimizing the industrial flotation performance of
sulfide minerals having some natural floatability, 
pp. 77-84

P. Somasundaran, Lei Zhang, D.W. Fuerstenau, The effect of environment,
oxidation and dissolved metal species on the chemistry of coal flotation,
pp. 85-97

Renhe Jia, Guy H. Harris, Douglas W. Fuerstenau, An improved class of
universal collectors for the flotation of oxidized and/or low-rank coal,
pp. 99-118

B.J. Arnold, The `Grab and Run' revisited --- improving selectivity between
organic and inorganic components in conventional coal froth flotation,
pp. 119-128

R.-H. Yoon, The role of hydrodynamic and surface forces in bubble--particle
pp. 129-143

M. Polat, S. Chander, First-order flotation kinetics models and methods for
estimation of the true distribution of flotation rate constants,
pp. 145-166

M.T. Ityokumbul, J.A. de Aquino, C.T. O'Connor, M.C. Harris, Fine pyrite
flotation in an agitated column cell, 
pp. 167-178

M.C. Williams, T.P. Meloy, Grid representation of separation networks,
pp. 179-186

H. El-Shall, N.A. Abdel-Khalek, S. Svoronos, Collector--frother interaction
in column flotation of Florida phosphate, 
pp. 187-199

S. Mathur, P. Singh, B.M. Moudgil, Advances in selective flocculation
technology for solid-solid separations, 
pp. 201-222

R. Hogg, Flocculation and dewatering, 
pp. 223-236

Janusz S. Laskowski, Zhimin Yu, Oil agglomeration and its effect on
beneficiation and filtration of low-rank/oxidized coals, 
pp. 237-252

W.W. Wen, An integrated fine coal preparation technology: the GranuFlow
pp. 253-265

Stephen B. Johnson, George V. Franks, Peter J. Scales, David V. Boger,
Thomas W. Healy, Surface chemistry--rheology relationships in concentrated
mineral suspensions, 
pp. 267-304

C.L. Jiang, X.H. Wang, B.K. Parekh, Effect of sodium oleate on inhibiting
pyrite oxidation, 
pp. 305-318

K. Osseo-Asare, X. Zeng, Partition of pyrite in aqueous biphase systems,
pp. 319-330

C.A. Young, J.D. Miller, Effect of temperature on oleate adsorption at a
calcite surface: an FT-NIR/IRS study and review, 
pp. 331-350

Milton E. Wadsworth, Surface processes in silver and gold cyanidation,
pp. 351-368

K.N. Han, M.C. Fuerstenau, Factors influencing the rate of dissolution of
gold in ammoniacal solutions, 
pp. 369-381