Geochemistry International, 1999, V 37, N 9, September.

Nuclear and Astrophysical Interpretation of Anomalous Oxygen Isotope 
Characteristics in Meteorites
A. K. Lavrukhina 
p. 815 

Geochemistry and Rb–Sr Isotopic Systematics 
of the Archean Metabasite–Enderbite Association of the 
Sutam Block, Southern Aldan Shield
M. A. Mishkin, M. N. Maslovskaya, S. N. Lavrik, and G. M. Vovna 
p. 831 

Geochemical Characteristics of Cenozoic Basic 
Magmatism Related to Hotspot Activity
Yu. M. Puzankov 
p. 841 

Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Alkaline Gabbroids
of the Omolon Association, Northeastern Russia
M. N. Zakharov, V. G. Ivanov, and O. Yu. Belozerova 
p. 849 

Effect of Oxygen Fugacity on the Iron Mole 
Fraction of Silicates under Upper-Mantle Conditions
I. I. Fedorov, A. A. Chepurov, V. M. Sonin, A. I. Turkin, 
and A. I. Chepurov 
p. 860 

Geochemistry and Tectonic Environment of the Metamorphic 
Rock Formation 
in the Accretionary Wedge of Karaginskii Island, Eastern Kamchatka I. A. Tararin p. 866 Clarkes for Psammitic Rocks of Central Kazakhstan I. V. Glukhan and V. I. Serykh p. 874 Laihunite and the PO2T Conditions of Its Formation N. R. Khisina, V. S. Rusakov, and A. A. Kleshchev p. 891 What Are Fullerenes and Fullerites in the Mineral World? M. I. Novgorodova p. 896

Short Communications

Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of Au-Bearing Malachite Veins in the Konder Alkaline Ultrabasic Massif, Khabarovsk Territory A. L. Devirts, A. G. Mochalov, and A. V. Ukhanov p. 905 Intrastructural Isotopic Investigation of the Transformation of Minerals with a Layered Structure V. I. Ustinov and A. A. Ul’yanov p. 908 Physical Aspects of the Low-Dose Determination of Structural Al Content in Quartz L. T. Rakov p. 912 On the Mechanism of Mercury Accumulation in Metalliferous Oceanic Sediments A. V. Savenko p. 918