Geochemistry International, 2008, V 46, N 9.

Recently Fallen Bukhara (CV3) and Kilabo (LL6) Chondrites: A
Parallel Study of Luminescence, Tracks, and Cosmogenic Radionuclides 
V. A. Alexeev, V. D. Gorin, A. I. Ivliev, L. L. Kashkarov, 
and G. K. Ustinova 
p. 849   

Thermodynamic Model of the Formation of Ore Bodies 
at the Akchatau Wolframite Greisen–Vein Deposit 
A. Yu. Bychkov and S. S. Matveeva 
p. 867   

Composition and Geodynamic Nature of the Protoliths 
of Diamondiferous Rocks from the Kumdy-Kol Deposit of 
the Kokchetav Metamorphic Belt, Northern Kazakhstan 
M. M. Buslov and G. M. Vovna 
p. 887   

The Accumulation of Cu, Zn, Cd, and Pb in the 
Aquatic Biomass of Sulphide Tailing Ponds 
Elena I. Khozhina and Barbara L. Sherriff 
p. 897   

Ion-Microprobe Zircon Geochemistry as an Indicator of 
Mineral Genesis during Geochronological Studies 
A. A. Fedotova, E. V. Bibikova, and S. G. Simakin 
p. 912   

Effect of Engineering–Industrial Activities in the 
Region of the Kursk Magnetic 
Anomaly on the Ecological State of the River Waters 
V. P. Samarina 
p. 928   

Model for Sr Accumulation in the Carboniferous 
Deposits of the Moscow Artesian Basin 
O. A. Limantseva and B. N. Ryzhenko 
p. 935   

Short Communications
Formation Conditions of Sulfide–Sulfate Assemblages in Hydrothermal Deposits: Isotopic and Fluid Inclusion Constraints V. A. Grinenko, V. I. Ustinov, and L. N. Grinenko p. 945 Soil Nutrient Bioavailability and Nutrient Content of Pine Trees (Pinus thunbergii) in Areas Impacted by Acid Deposition in Korea Jae E. Yang, Wi-Young Lee, Yong Sik Ok, and Jeffrey Skousen p. 951 New Guide for Authors p. 958