Geochemistry International, 2007, V 45, N 9.

Regional Features of Primary Alkaline 
Magmas of the Atlantic Ocean 
L. N. Kogarko and A. M. Asavin 
p. 841  
Decompression Mechanism of Ferric Iron 
Reduction in Tektite Melts
during Their Formation in the Impact Process 
O. A. Lukanin and A. A. Kadik 
p. 857  
Geochemistry and Age of Metamorphic 
Rocks of the Khavyven Highland, 
Eastern Kamchatka 
I. A. Tararin, Z. G. Badredinov, 
and S. I. Dril' 
p. 882  

Model for the Formation of Fluorine-Bearing 
Rocks in the Carboniferous Deposits
of the Moscow Artesian Basin 
O. A. Limantseva, B. N. Ryzhenko, and 
E. V. Cherkasova 
p. 900  

Elements of the Iron and Manganese 
Cycles in Lake Baikal 
L. Z. Granina and E. Callender 
p. 918  

Short Communications

Low-Temperature Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Properties of Natural Polylithionite I. E. Paukov, Yu. A. Kovalevskaya, I. A. Kiseleva, T. N. Shuriga, and V. N. Ikorskii p. 926   Sulfides, Selenides, and Tellurides of Platinum and Palladium: Estimation of Thermodynamic Properties V. K. Karzhavin p. 931   Buffer Capacity of Surface Waters as a Geochemical Factor of Their Resistance to Acidification P. A. Lozovik , I. Yu. Potapova, and T. V. Bantsevich p. 938   Factors Controlling Uranium Geochemistry in the Mixing Zone of River- and Seawaters A. V. Savenko p. 945   Attention! New Guide for Authors p. 953