Geokhimiya, 1998, V 36, N 8.

Growth of the Earth's Core as a Source of Its Internal Energy
and a Factor of Mantle Redox Evolution
E. M. Galimov 
p. 673  

Diamonds from Kimberlite Diatreme 50, Liaoning Province, China:
Microtextural, Mineralogical, Geochemical, and Genetic Characteristics
S. F. Vinokurov, A. I. Gorshkov, Yan Nan Bao, I. D. Ryabchikov,
L. V. Bershov, and M. I. Lapina 
p. 676  

Anatexis of Basites in a Paleosubduction Zone and the Origin of
Anorthosite–Plagiogranite Series
of the Ural Platinum-bearing Belt
G. B. Fershtater, F. Bea, N. S. Borodina, and M. P. Montero
p. 684  

U–Pb System of Zircon from Outer-Contact Rocks of an Alkaline–
Ultramafic Intrusion
I. M. Morozova, N. G. Rizvanova, K. I. Lokhov, and L. K. Levskii
p. 698
Oxygen Thermometry and Barometry of Chromite-bearing Ultramafic 
Rocks, Examples from the South Urals: I. Mössbauer Spectroscopy 
of Chrome Spinels and the Problems of Olivine–Spinel Thermometry
S. L. Votyakov, I. S. Chashchukhin, S. G. Uimin, and V. N. Bykov
p. 706  

Investigation of the Stability Conditions and Structural-Chemical
Transformations of Baikal Lazurite
V. L. Tauson, V. V. Akimov, A. N. Sapozhnikov, and 
K. E.    Kuznetsov 
p. 717  

Rare Earth Elements in Coexisting Minerals from Apatite-bearing Metamorphic
Rocks as Indicators of Their Origin
V. N. Gulii and K. E. Jarvis 
p. 734  

Carbon-rich Reduced Fluids of the Sutam Metamorphic Complex
O. V. Avchenko, V. O. Khudolozhkin, N. P. Konovalova, and 
N. N.    Barinov 
p. 742  

Atacamite Solubilities and the Physicochemical State of Solute 
Copper in Seawater
V. S. Savenko and I. A. Shatalov 
p. 752  

Heavy-Metal Geochemistry of Coal: An Ecological Aspect
L. Ya. Kizil'shtein 
p. 757  

Short Communications

Electrochemical Determination of Intrinsic Oxygen Fugacity in Zircon Crystals of Various Ages A. A. Kadik, E. V. Zharkova, E .V. Bibikova, and M. A. Troneva p. 762 Effect of Water on the Ordered Structure of Aluminosilicate Melts A. G. Simakin, T. P. Salova, M. B. Epel'baum, and G. V. Bondarenko p. 768