Geochemistry International, 2008, V 46, N 8.

Sm–Nd and Rb–Sr Isotopic Systems and Captured He 
and Hydrocarbon Gases as Markers of Melt Sources 
and Fluid Regime under Which the Oceanic Crust 
of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Was Formed at 5°–6° N 
G. N. Savelieva, N. S. Bortnikov, T. B. Bayanova, 
S. V. Ikorskii, and I. L. Kamenskii 
p. 745   

Pegmatoid Objects in a Sample of the Kaidun Meteorite 
A. V. Ivanov, N. N. Kononkova, and M. E. Zolensky 
p. 759   

Mass Transfer and Replacement of Minerals in 
the Course of Infiltration Metasomatism 
A. B. Kol’tsov 
p. 775   

Model for the Development of Rhythmically Banded 
Wollastonite–Hedenbergite Skarns
at the Dal’negorsk Deposit, Southern Russian Far East 
V. L. Rusinov and V. V. Zhukov 
p. 789   

Heterovalent Isomorphism in the Magnesium–Iron Borates 
S. M. Aleksandrov and M. A. Troneva 
p. 800   

Short Communications
Tetrad Effect in Rare Earth Element Distribution Patterns: Evidence from the Paleozoic Granitoids of the Oka Zone, Eastern Sayan T. A. Yasnygina and S. V. Rasskazov p. 814   Experimentally Determined Quartz Solubility in F-Bearing Aqueous Fluids at 200–400°C and 50–150 MPa and the Calculation of the Concentrations of Possible Silica Species A. A. Konyshev and A. M. Aksyuk p. 826   HCh: New Potentialities for the Thermodynamic Simulation of Geochemical Systems Offered by Windows Yu. V. Shvarov p. 834   Modes of 232Th Occurrence in Fine Fractions in Mountain Soils I. I. Shuktomova and L. M. Noskova p. 840   New Guide for Authors p. 845