Geochemistry International, 2007, V 45, N 8.

Petrogeochemistry and Genesis of 
Listwaenite Xenoliths in the Alkali Basalts
of the Southern Tien Shan 
V. S. Lutkov, V. V. Mogarovskii, 
and V. Ya. Lutkova 
p. 733    

Geochemical Mobility of Au and Ag 
during Hydrothermal Transfer and Precipitation:
Thermodynamic Simulation 
G. A. Pal'yanova and G. R. Kolonin 
p. 744    

Trace Elements in Supergene Phosphorites 
Yu. N. Zanin and A. G. Zamirailova 
p. 758  
Equations for the Dissolution Reaction 
Rates of Montmorillonite,
Illite, and Chlorite 
V. A. Alekseyev 
p. 770  

New Maturation Parameters Based on 
Naphthalene and Phenanthrene Isomerization
and Dealkylation Processes Aimed at 
Improved Classification of Crude Oils
(Southeastern Pannonian Basin, Serbia) 
K. Stojanovic, Br. Jovancicevic, 
Dr. Vitorovic, G. S. Pevneva, 
Ju. A. Golovko, and A. K. Golovko 
p. 781    

Cause of Elevated As Concentrations in 
the Baltic Sea and Vistula Lagoon 
E. M. Emelyanov and V. A. Kravtsov 
p. 798  

Short Communications

Chemical Composition of Sediment Load Carried by Rivers V. S. Savenko p. 816   Influence of Iron on the Kinetics of Formation of Chrysotile Nanotubes of Composition (Mg, Fe)3Si2O5(OH)4 under Hydrothermal Conditions E. N. Korytkova, L. N. Pivovarova, and V. V. Gusarov p. 825   Variations in the Chemical Composition of the Skeletons of Non-Zooxanthellate Scleractinian (Anthozoa: Scleractinia) Corals N. B. Keller, L. L. Demina, and N. S. Os'kina p. 832