Geochemistry International, 1999, V 37, N 7, July.

Organic Geochemistry of the System the Danube River–Northwestern
Shelf of the Black Sea 
E. M. Galimov, L. A. Kodina, L. I. Zhil’tsova, and L. N.Vlasova
p. 597 

Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Aqueous Solution 
Composition on the Elastic Properties of Sandstone at High Pressure and
Temperature and Computer Modeling of Water–Rock Interaction 
E. B. Lebedev, B. N. Ryzhenko, A. M. Dorfman, S. R. Zebrin, A. V. Zharikov, 
N. T. Sokolova, and H. Burkhardt
p. 607 

Equilibria in the CaFcr–NaCl–CaCl2–H2O
System in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Fluids 
S. D. Malinin and N. A. Kurovskaya
p. 616 

Halogens in Petrogenesis and Mineralizing Processes in Fossil Geodynamic
Environments of Continental-Margin Belts and Hypercollisional Environments: An
Example of the Urals 
V. V. Kholodnov and R. G. Yazeva 
p. 624 

Influence of the River Runoff on the Distribution, Composition, and Origin
of the Organic Matter in Sediments from the Congo River–Angolan Depression Section G. I. Batova, V. I. Petrova, and V. I. Peresypkin p. 632 Isotopic Compositions of Shell Carbon in Modern Mollusks from Belarus A. A. Makhnach and A. F. San’ko p. 638
Short Communications
Hydrocarbons in Estuarine Sediments from the Northwestern Area of the Black Sea I. A. Nemirovskaya p. 645 Chemical Composition of Formation Waters from Paleozoic and Triassic Deposits of the Algerian Sahara in Connection with the Assessment of Their Petroleum Potential V. D. Poroshin p. 652 Composition of Oils from the Lower–Middle Jurassic Deposits of the Tomsk Region O. F.Stasova and N. I. Larichkina p. 659 Geochemistry of Mantle Nodules in Alkaline Basaltic Tuff from the Reykjanes Ridge, North Atlantic E. A.Chernysheva and G. S. Kharin p. 665 Formation of the Hydrogenic Component of Alluvial Platinum Placers in the Russian Far East V. Yu. Abramov, A. A., Potapov, V. A. Kiryukhin, and S. A. Kozlov p. 669 Biogeochemical Manganese Anomalies Along the Maden Çayi Valley’, Maden-Elazi Zeynep Özdemir Ahmet Sa p. 673 Experimental Modeling of the Natural Synthesis of Polycrystalline Diamond A. V. Rakhmanina and E. N. Yakovlev p. 678 Experimental Study of Rutile Composition at Variable Oxygen Fugacity
in the Mg–Fe–Ti–Si–O System Yu. V. Babich p. 683 Co–Ni and Co–Mg Relations in Siberian Kimberlites I. P. Ilupin p. 688
Symposium on Physicochemical and Petrophysical Studies in Earth Sciences E. B. Lebedev, O. L. Kuskov, Yu. S. Genshaft, and A. V. Zharikov p. 693
In Memoriam of Valentina Sergeevna Neapolitanskaya p. 697