Geochemistry International, 1998, V 36, N 7.

Reactions between Agpaitic Nepheline Syenitic Melts
and Sedimentary Carbonate Rocks, Exemplified by the Tamazeght Complex,
Bouchra Khadem Allah, , Francois Fontan, Mohamed Kadar,,
Pierre Monchoux, and Henning Sørensen 
p. 569  

Geochemical Evidence of Shock Metamorphism in Melt Impactites:
Deep Drilling Data on the Puchezh–Katunkskaya Astrobleme
N. A. Yushko, A. A. Kremenetskii, and A. K. Vorontsov
p. 582

Geochemistry of Impact Glasses of the Zhamanshin Crater
L. I. Glazovskaya and V. L. Masaitis 
p. 593  

Chromium Isomorphism in Endogenic Borates and Geochemical Characteristics
of Their Genesis
S. M. Aleksandrov and M. A. Troneva 
p. 599  

Distinctive Features of Chemical, Structural, and Phase Transitions
in a Plagioclase–Garnet–Pyroxene Rock in Spherical Stress Waves
L. V. Sazonova, E. A. Kozlov, and Yu. N. Zhugin 
p. 611  

Relationship between the Mechanisms of Primary Mineral Dissolution
and Secondary Mineral Precipitation during the Reaction of Albite
V. A. Alekseev, L. S. Medvedeva, Yu. G. Tatsii, and L. N. Bannykh
p. 618  

Mineralogical and Geochemical Features of Native Gold as Indicators
of Possible Sources of Its Theft
Yu. S. Berman 
p. 632  

Enzymatic Destruction of Organic Matter (Biopolymers)
in the Bottom Sediments of the Ocean
G. A. Korneeva and E. A. Romankevich 
p. 638  

Geochemistry of Carbon in Clastic–Carbonaceous Shales
of the Kumtor Ore Field, Eastern Kyrgyzstan
E. D. Syngaevskii and V. A. Chinenov 
p. 646  

Short Communications

Sulfur Solubility in Aluminosilicate Melt and Activity Coefficients in Fluid I. F. Kravchuk and S. D. Malinin p. 656 Experimental Modeling of Phosphorus and Calcium Carbonate Coprecipitation during Diagenesis of Marine Sediments A. V. Savenko p. 660 Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Properties of Natural Zeolite Erionite from 7 to 322 K I. E. Paukov, I. A. Belitskii, and Yu. A. Kovalevskaya p. 663

International Symposium on Applied Geochemistry in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) E. N. Baranov and V. A. Legeido p. 666 Georgii Vitol'dovich Voitkevich p. 670