Geochemistry International, 2007, V 45, N 7.

Influence of Saline Deposits on the 
Conditions of Petroleum Generation
in the Rocks Underlying the Salt 
Complex of the Northern Part of 
the Precaspian Basin 
Yu. I. Galushkin and G. E. Yakovlev 
p. 625
Hydrocarbons in the Water and 
Bottom Sediments of a Region
with Continuous Petroleum Contamination 
I. A. Nemirovskaya 
p. 638  
Geochemical Structure of the Early 
Carboniferous Volcanic Complexes of the Southern Urals 
A. A. Yaroshevskii, A. V. Tevelev, 
and I. A. Kosheleva 
p. 652  

Endogenous Transformations of Kotoite 
in Calciphyres at Magnesian-Skarn Deposits of Boron 
S. M. Aleksandrov 
p. 666  

Barium and Strontium in the Upper 
Mantle of the Pamirs and Tien Shan 
V. V. Mogarovskii, V. S. Lutkov, 
and V. Ya. Lutkova 
p. 685  

Comparative Analysis of the Mineral 
and Chemical Compositions 
of Black Smoker Smoke at the TAG and 
Broken Spur Hydrothermal Fields, Mid-Atlantic Ridge   
V. Yu. Rusakov 
p. 698  

Short Communications

On the Geology of the Weddell Sea, Southern Ocean N. A. Kurentsova, T. I. Frolova, G. B. Udintsev, and I. A. Roshchina p. 717   Modeling Cryogeochemical Processes in the Oxidation Zone of Sulfide Deposits with the Participation of Oxygen-Bearing Nitrogen Compounds A. B. Ptitsyn, T. I. Markovich, V. A. Pavlyukova, and E. S. Epova p. 726