Geochemistry International, 1999, V 37, N 6.

Sources of Granitoids and the Evolutionary Stages of the 
Continental Crust in the Taimyr Folded Area
V. A. Vernikovsky, V. P. Kovach, A. B. Kotov, A. E. Vernikovskaya, 
and E. B. Sal’nikova
p. 493 

Geochemical Model for the Granite–Metamorphic Layer of the 
Earth’s Crust in the Pamir and Southern Tien Shan Foldbelts of Tajikistan
V. S. Lutkov and V. V. Mogarovskii
p. 503 

Petrogeochemical Differences between Basic Rocks of Ensialic
and Ensimatic Complexes: A Comparative Analysis of the Phanerozoic and Precambrian
N. E. Kozlov, E. V. Martynov, and A. A. Ivanov
p. 512

EPR Spectroscopy and Geochemistry of Rock-Forming Quartz as an Indicator
of the Superimposed Processes in Rocks of Igneous Associations 
of Various Ages in the Greater Caucasus
A. G. Gurbanov, F. P. Chernukha, D. G. Koshchug, S. P. Kurasova, 
and S. V. Fedyushchenko 
p. 519
Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Cr-bearing Amphibole from Rodingites 
of the Elistratov Peninsula, Koryakiya
A. B. Osipenko, V. V. Kononov, and V. M. Chubarov
p. 533 

Uranium Microdistribution in Nepheline and Alkaline Syenites of the Khibina Massif
S. M. Kravchenko, I. G. Nad’yarnykh, and E. P. Nefedova
p. 541 

Sulfur Migration and Cycle in a Subarctic Lake Contaminated by Wastes
of a Mining Complex: A Case Study of Lake Imandra
V. A. Dauval’ter, T. I. Moiseenko, I. V. Rodyushkin, 
L. P. Kudryavtseva, and A. N. Sharov
p. 552 

Physicochemical Modeling of Water–Atmosphere–Coal Interactions
O. V. Avchenko, A. N. Chelnokov, and O. V. Chudaev
p. 562 

Algorithmization of the Numeric Equilibrium Modeling of Dynamic
Geochemical Processes
Yu. V. Shvarov
p. 571 

Short Communications
Speciation and Transport Properties of Molybdenum in Synthetic Glass Analogues of Igneous Rocks N. A. Durasova, V. K. Belyaeva, L. N. Kochnova, and I. D. Ryabchikov p. 577 Iron Oxidation State in Coexisting Amphibole and Biotite from Granitoids and Metamorphic Rocks N. S. Borodina, G. B. Fershtater, and S. L. Votyakov p. 581 Endocrypty: Modern Concepts and Investigation Techniques V. L. Tauson p. 588 Noble Metal Contents and Distribution in the Clay Reference Layer of the Verkhnekamskoe Salt Deposit A. F. Smetannikov and A. I. Kudryashov p. 592