Geochemistry International, 1998, V 36, N 6.

Crystal Accumulation and Sorting during Settling in Magmatic Melt:
High-Temperature Centrifuge Modeling
E. B. Lebedev and A. A. Kadik 
p. 477  

Rare-Earth Element Geochemistry of the Mesozoic Phosphorites
of the East European Platform, with Applications to Some Problems of
A. V. Ilyin
p. 489  

Geochemistry of Mantle Metasomatic Micas from the Southern Tien Shan,
V. V. Mogarovskii and V. S. Lutkov 
p. 496  

Oil Geochemistry of the Cenozoic Siliceous Deposits of Pacific Belt Basins:
Examples from Petroliferous Basins of Russia, Japan, and the United States
A. V. Chakhmakhchev, M. Suzuki, and V. A. Chakhmakhchev
p. 504
Ordering Kinetics in Ferric Feldspars Exposed
to Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Conditions: An X-ray and Mössbauer Study
A. M. Bychkov, V. S. Rusakov, N. I. Chistyakova, N. A. Kuz'mina,
and V. S. Urusov 
p. 517  

Geochemical Environment of the Formation of the Nepa Potassium Saline
V. I. Borisenkov 
p. 523  

Chemical Composition of Pelagic Sediments from Guyots
of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean: Research for Paleoceanological
Yu. A. Bogdanov, E. G. Gurvich, and L. F. Jansa 
p. 532  

Assessment of the Representativeness of Data on the Chemical Composition
of Formation Waters of Petroliferous Basins
V. D. Poroshin 
p. 542  

Kolyma River Basin: An Example of a Complex Geochemical Environment
Ya. D. Grachev and V. R. Tumanov 
p. 550  

Thermodynamic Properties of Natrolite and Thomsonite
V. K. Karzhavin 
p. 557  

Short Communications

Possible Role of Bivalent Silver in the Formation of Gold–Silver Mineralization A. V. Grechishnikov p. 562 Low-Temperature Thermodynamic Properties of a Natural Zeolite, Epistilbite I. E. Paukov, I. A. Belitskii, and G. A. Berezovskii p. 565