Geochemistry International, 2007, V 45, N 6.

 Simulation of the Geochemical Structure of 
 the Ioko-Dovyren Layered Intrusion,
 Northwestern Baikal Area 
 S. V. Bolikhovskaya, A. A. Yaroshevskii, 
 and E. V. Koptev-Dvornikov 
 p. 519    

 Mantle(?) Xenoliths in the Carbonatites 
 of Northern Transbaikalia 
 G. S. Ripp, A. G. Doroshkevich, 
 M. V. Badmatsyrenov, and N. S. Karmanov 
 p. 538  
 Geochemistry and Protoliths of the 
 Metabasite-Enderbite Association of the 
 Dzhugdzhur Block, Aldan Shield 
 M. A. Mishkin, A. M. Lennikov, G. M. Vovna,
 Z. G. Badredinov, and R. A. Oktyabr'skii 
 p. 546    

 Equation of State of Magnesite for the 
 Conditions of the Earth's Lower Mantle 
 P. I. Dorogokupets 
 p. 561  
 Stability and Phase Relations of 
 Nonstoichiometric Clinopyroxenes
 in the Join Diopside-Ca-Eskola Component 
 at High Pressures 
 N. V. Surkov, Yu. G. Gartvich, and 
 O. P. Izokh 
 p. 569  
 Effect of Oil Potential and Deep 
 Tectonics on the Trace Element Composition
 of Soils: An Example of the Tatarstan Republic 
 V. A. Trofimov, S. A. Punanova, and 
 A. O. Zin'kovskaya 
 p. 580  
 Holocene History of Ob River Discharge 
 According to Lithological 
 and Geochemical Data 
 M. A. Levitan, I. A. Roshchina, 
 and A. V. Tolmacheva 
 p. 590  
 On Thermodynamic Models for Real Solutions 
 Yu. V. Shvarov 
 p. 606  

Short Communications

Conditions of Formation of Ferromanganese Nodules in the Bottom Sediments of Lakes in the Baltic Shield V. A. Dauval'ter and B. P. Il'yashuk p. 615   Note on Sulfur Removal with Metallic Copper Ming Jin, Yanqing Xia, Tianzhu Lei, Suping Ma, Junli Qiu, and Rui Zhang p. 620