Geochemistry International, 1999, V 37, N 5, May.

ISSN 0016-7029.
Silica Transport and Growth of
High-Temperature Crystalline Quartz 
in Supercritical Aqueous Fluids 
V. S. Balitsky, L. V. Balitskaya, H. Ivasaki, and F. Ivasaki 
p. 391 

Zinc Geochemistry at the Haemmerlein
Skarn–Greisen Tin Deposit, 
Erzgebirge, Germany 
B. I. Malyshev, O. F. Mironova, V. B. Naumov, N. I. Savel’eva, 
A. N. Salazkin, and A. G. Volosov 
p. 397 

Chemical Evolution of Pyroxenes in Urals Gabbro: 
The Role of Pressure, Temperature, Oxygen Fugacity, and Rock Composition 
A. A. Efimov, T. A. Potapova, and D. G. Berlimble 
p. 404 

Postcrystallization Alteration of Gold–Quartz Aggregates 
under Hydrothermal Conditions: Experimental Data 
M. S. Sakharova, S. K. Ryakhovskaya, and A. G. Turchkova 
p. 423 

Gas–Liquid Phase Transition Volumes
Changes in the CO2–CH4–N2 System 
in Relation to Thermobarogeochemistry Problems 
V. G. Sverdlova, G. Yu. Shvedenkov, A. A. Tomilenko,
A. V. Savinov, and N. A. Gibsher 
p. 430 

Experimental Investigation of Platinum
by Bitumen at 200–400C and 1 kbar 
L. P. Plyusnina and T. V. Kuz’mina
p. 441 

Organic Geochemistry of the Deep-Seated
Triassic Sedimentary–Volcanogenic Deposits 
of the Western Siberian Plate 
I. D. Polyakova and G. Ch. Borukaev
p. 450 

Chlorine Dissolution in Fluid-rich Granitic
Melts: The Effect of Calcium Addition 
V. Yu. Chevychelov 
p. 456 

Short Communications

The Nature of Ore-forming Solutions at Au–Ag Deposits in the United States as Deduced from Isotopic Data V. I. Ustinov and M. M. Konstantinov p. 488

In Memoriam

Malinin Sergei Dmitrievich (1929–1998) p. 491