Geochemistry International, 2008, V 46, N 5.

Simulation of Molecular Mass Distributions and 
Evaluation of O2– Concentrations 
in Polymerized Silicate Melts 
A. A. Ariskin and V. B. Polyakov 
p. 429   

Liquid Immiscibility in Deep-Seated Magmas 
and the Generation of Carbonatite Melts 
L. I. Panina and I. V. Motorina 
p. 448   

Assessment of Clay Content from the 
Analysis of K, U, and Th Distribution in Different 
Grain-Size Fractions of the Productive 
Sediments of the Lovin Field, Western Siberia 
M. Yu. Zubkov 
p. 465   

Helium and Argon Isotopes in Rocks and 
Minerals of the Lovozero Alkaline Massif 
V. A. Nivin 
p. 482   

Isotope Geochemical Sequence of Gold Deposits 
in Terrigenous Successions 
M. M. Konstantinov and T. N. Kosovets 
p. 503   

Short Communications
Valent and Structural State of Iron Ions in Basalt Glasses of Different Crystallinity According to the Data of Mossbauer Spectroscopy S. M. Lebedeva and V. N. Bykov p. 511   Chromium in the Main Components of Transbaikalia Landscapes V. K. Kashin p. 517   New Data on Oxygen Isotopic Zoning in the Iultin Sn–W Deposit T. M. Sushchevskaya, A. V. Ignat’ev, and T. A. Velivetskaya p. 525