Geokhimiya, 1999, V 37, N 4.

Melt Compositions, Contents of Volatile Components and Trace Elements,
and Temperatures of Quartz Crystallization in Silicic Volcanic Rocks
of the Verkhneural'sk Ore District (Southern Urals)
V. B. Naumov, V. S. Karpukhina, E. N. Baranov, and N. N.
p. 289  

Insight into the Petrogenesis of the Urals Platinum Belt: New Geochemical
G. B. Fershtater, F. Bea, E. V. Pushkarev, G. Garuti, P. Montero,
and F. Zaccarini 
p. 302  

Ba and Sr in Mantle Metasomatic Minerals from the Southern Tien Shan
V. V. Mogarovskii 
p. 320  

Geochemistry of Rare Earth Elements in Imandra Lake, Murmansk Area
V. A. Dauvalter, T. I. Moiseenko, and I. V. Rodyushkin 
p. 325
A Replication Mechanism of the Transference of Genetic Information
during Pseudomorphous Replacement of Albite by Sanidine
V. A. Alekseev and L. S. Medvedeva 
p. 332  

Experimental Study of Isomorphism in K-Ba Feldspars
A. R. Kotel'nikov, I. V. Chernysheva, Z. A. Kotel'nikova, and V.
S. Senin 
p. 340  

Mössbauer Study of the Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Crystallization of
Acmite, NaFeSi2O6
V. S. Rusakov, O. E. Yagova, N. A. Kuz'mina, and A. M. Bychkov
p. 350  

Mineral- and Ore-forming Processes in High-Temperature Fumarolic Gases
at Kudryavyi Volcano, Iturup Island, Kuril Archipelago
S. I. Tkachenko, R. P. Porter, M. A. Korzhinskii,
M. D. van Bergen, K. I. Shmulovich, and G. S. Shteinberg 
p. 355
A Calorimeter for Heat Capacity Measurements from 50 to 300 K:
The Heat Capacities of Kogarkoite Na3SO4F(cr) at Low Temperatures
V. M. Gurevich, V. E. Gorbunov, K. S. Gavrichev, and I. L.
p. 367  

Probabilistic Statistical Modeling of Transformations of Oil Composition
and Properties in the Zone of Catagenesis
A. N. Reznikov 
p. 378  

Short Communications
Solubility of Cobalt(III) and the Stability Constant of the Hydroxo Complex Co(OH)30 in Aqueous Solution V. S. Savenko and A. V. Savenko p. 385 Parameters of the Genesis of Talc-Carbonate Metasomatite of Propylite and Gumbeite Associations from the Shabrovskoe Deposit, Central Urals: Mineralogical and Isotopic Evidence I. A. Baksheev, V. I. Ustinov, and D. N. Savina p. 388