Geokhimiya, 1998, V 36, N 4.

Interaction between Albite Melt and Water: 
1. Evidence from the Relationships of Molecular Water 
and Hydroxyl Groups in Glasses
M. B. Epel'baum 
p. 287  

Distinctive Geochemical Features of Intrusions of the
Clinopyroxenite–Wehrlite Association
on the Kola Peninsula
V. V. Chashchin 
p. 297  

Geochemical and Petrological Features of Alkaline 
Rocks of the Oktyabr'skii Massif, Ukraine
S. G. Krivdik and V. I. Tkachuk 
p. 309  

Isotopic Indications of the Genesis of Secondary Carbonates
in the Muruntau Black Shale, Southern Tien Shan
L. E. Yakovlev 
p. 318  

Helium Isotopes in Gases of the Northern Caucasus: 
Implications for Heat and Mass Influx from the Mantle
B. G. Polyak, I. L. Kamenskii, E. M. Prasolov, A. L. Cheshko,
L. N. Barabanov, and G. I. Buachidze
p. 329  

Hydrocarbons of Bottom Sediments on the Northeastern
 Shelf of Sakhalin Island
I. A. Nemirovskaya 
p. 343  

Forms of Migration of Fe, Mn, Zn, Cd, Pb, and Cu in
 Hydrosulfide Waters of the Gotland Basin of the 
Baltic Sea
V. A. Kravtsov 
p. 349  

Experimental Investigation of the Volatiles Captured by
I. I. Fedorov, D. G. Bagryantsev, A. A. Chepurov,
N. Yu. Osorgin†, L. N. Pokhilenko, and A. I. Chepurov 
p. 361  

Short Communications

Accumulation of Low-Dose Paramagnetic Centers in Quartz L. T. Rakov p. 367 Heavy-Metal Species on Soils from Urban and Reserve Territories L. I. Vasil'eva and V. V. Kadatskii p. 370

Memorial Lectures in Honor of the Outstanding Geochemists V. I. Gerasimovsky, V. V. Shcherbina, and A. I. Tugarinov E. V. Bibikova and Vikt. L. Barsukov p. 374