Geokhimiya, 1998, V 36, N 3.

On the 70th Anniversary of the Birth of Valerii L. Barsukov 
p. 187

Geochemical Features of Gas-Bearing (CH4) Deposits
of a Submarine Mud Volcano in the Norwegian Sea
A. Yu. Lein, P. Vogt, K. Crane, A. V. Egorov, N. V. Pimenov,
A.  S. Savichev, G. D. Ginsburg, G. I. Ivanov, G. A. Cherkashev, 
and M. V. Ivanov
p. 190  

Distinctive Features of Magmatic Processes in the Mid-Atlantic, Southwest
Indian, and North Weddell Ridges
N. M. Sushchevskaya , T. I. Tsekhonya , and A. A. Peive 
p. 209
Crystallization Conditions and Sulfur, Carbon, and Oxygen Isotopic
Systematics of the Sulfide–Calcite Association of the Udachnaya Pipe, 
M. D. Bratus', N. N. Zinchuk, G. R. Krouse, and M. O. Vityk
p. 222  

Factors Affecting Element Distribution in the Atmosphere over Oceans
in the Northern Hemisphere
V. V. Anikiev, G. M. Kolesov, T. G. Kuz'mina, A. N. Medvedev, and
A. I. Ryabinin 
p. 229  

Compositions of Biomarkers of Precambrian Organic Matter in the East
European Platform
O. K. Bazhenova and O. A. Arefiev 
p. 242  

Computation of Equilibria for H2O–Nonpolar Gas Mixed Fluids:
An Account of Dielectric Constant
N. N. Akinfiev 
p. 250  

Biospheric Rhythms in the Kimmeridgian–Valanginian Deposits 
of the Boyarka River Basin
Yu. M. Malinovskii, A. T. Savichev, M. A. Morozov, and V. V.
p. 258  

Nickel in the Major Components of Transbaikalian Landscapes
V. K. Kashin 
p. 267  

Short Communications

Fluorite Solubility in Heterogeneous Fluids of the System H2O–NaCl S. D. Malinin and N. A. Kurovskaya p. 278 Kinetic Analysis of Seismic Energy A. A. Belyaev p. 282