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P. I. Fedorov and N. I. Filatova 
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Miarolitic Pegmatites of the Kukurt Group of Gemstone Deposits, Central
Pamirs: The Evolution of Physical Conditions in the Amazonitovaya Vein
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A Physicochemical Model for the Formation of Surface Water Composition
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Minerals and Solid Mineral Solutions as a Matrix for Radioactive Waste
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Characteristics of Steady-State Selective Sorption of Radiocesium on Soils
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Short Communications
Experimental Modeling of the Copper Distribution in the System Olivine-Water-bearing or Hydrous Basalt at High Pressures N. A. Durasova, L. N. Kochnova, I. D. Ryabchikov, and A. B. Slutskii p. 184 Mechanisms of Solution and Speciation of H2O in Quartz Glass (1H-NMR Studies) V. O. Zavel'skii, T. P. Salova, and M. B. Epelbaum p. 187