Geochemistry International, 1999, V 37, N 12

Silver in Basaltic Melts: The Reality of Global Sulfide Melt 
Flows during the Late Stages of the Earth’s Accretion
I. D. Ryabchikov, G. P. Orlova, A. D. Babanskii, L. O. Magazina, and A. I. Tsepin
p. 1125 

Influence of Temperature and Pressure on the Viscosity of Model and Magmatic Melts of Acid–Ultrabasic Compositions E. S. Persikov and P. G. Bukhtiyarov p. 1130

Clinopyroxene Zoning as an Indicator of the Magmatic Melt Cooling Conditions: An Example of Odinites from the Urals L. V. Sazonova and A. A. Nosova p. 1141

Rare-Earth Elements as Indicators of the Geodynamic Evolution in the Continental Block of Ol’khon Island and Adjacent Areas, Western Baikal Region Z. I. Petrova, V. A. Makrygina , and V. A. Bobrov p. 1158

Maximinerals as Carriers of Chemical Elements in the Upper Earth’s Crust N. A. Grigor’ev p. 1169

Microkinetic Regularities in the Behavior of Noble Metals under Exogenous Conditions:
Evidence from Experimental Data A. M. Plyusnin, A. G. Mironov, N. V. Belomestnova, E. M. Tat’yankina, S. I. Prokopchuk, and T. T. Taisaev p. 1174 Gold in Processes of Pyrite Formation. Part 1. Gold Accumulation during Pyrite Formation V. V. Fadeev and S. V. Kozerenko p. 1182

Experimental Investigation of the Volumetric Properties of Gases I. V. Zakirov and N. G. Sretenskaya p. 1191

Forms of Metals in Bottom Sediments from Some Estuaries of the Basins of the White and Barents Seas S. E. Kukina, L. K. Sadovnikova, A. Calafat-Frau, P. Palerud, and H. Hummel p. 1197

Effect of the Giant Gas Pool Formation on the Thermal Regime of Sedimentary Sequence at the Urengoi Field in the West Siberian Basin Yu. I. Galushkin, O. I. Simonenkova, and N. V. Lopatin p. 1203

Short Communications

Formation of Complexes in the CaF2(s)–CaCl2–H2O System under Supercritical Conditions B. N. Ryzhenko, N. A. Kurovskaya, and S. D. Malinin p. 1212

Conditions of the Origin of Volcanics
in the Late Mesozoic– Cenozoic Western Transbaikalia Volcanic Area:
Evidence from Melt and Fluid Inclusions in Minerals I. T. Bakumenko , A. A. Tomilenko , T. Yu. Bazarova , and V. V. Yarmolyuk p. 1219 Thermochemical Investigations of Natural Bikitaite L. V. Mel’chakova, L. P. Ogorodova, I. A. Kiseleva, I. A. Belitskii, and B. A. Fursenko p. 1224

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