Geochemistry International (Geokhimiya), 1998, V 36, N 12.

Geochemical and Isotopic Characteristics and Magma Sources
of the Early Cretaceous Trachybasalts of the Gobi–Altai Rift Zone: An
Example of Grabens in the Arts-Bogdo Range
V. S. Samoilov , V. V. Yarmolyuk , V. I. Kovalenko , V. G. Ivanov , 
and Yu. A. Pokhol'chenko 
p. 1087  

Olivine Melilitites of the Kimberlite and Carbonatite Associations
in Dikes and Diatremes of Eastern Siberia
E. A. Chernysheva and S. I. Kostrovitskii 
p. 1100  

Stratification in Cooled Planets
A. I. Shapkin and Yu. I. Sidorov 
p. 1109  

The Nature of Anomalous Ba Contents in Riphean Granitoids
of the Island-Arc Type in Eastern Siberia
A. A. Tsygankov and T. T. Vrublevskaya 
p. 1123  

Rare-Earth and Other Trace Elements in Rocks from W-bearing Magmatic
Complexes of the Southern Tien Shan
 S. G. Solov'ev 
p. 1133  

Trace Element Composition of Sulfide Inclusions in Garnets
from the Udachnaya Kimberlite Pipe, Yakutia
Yu. P. Barashkov, W. L. Griffin, and S. B. Tel'nikova 
p. 1147
Electrochemical Transport of Metal Ions through Dispersed Rocks:
An Experimental Study
V. A. Korolev and M. A. Nekrasova 
p. 1154  

Cesium-137 Accumulation Behavior of Bottom Surface Sediments of the Barents
E. M. Leonova, A. D. Krasnyuk, and V. I. Petrova 
p. 1161
Peculiar Properties of Film Solutions and Their Role in Geochemical
A. B. Ptitsyn 
p. 1168  

Short Communications

Platinum Mineralization of the Nizhnii Tagil Massif: New Data on the Oxygen Isotopic Composition of the Olivine and Chrome Spinel A. V. Ukhanov, E. V. Anikina, and V. I. Ustinov p. 1174 Low-Temperature Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Functions of Laumontite I. E. Paukov and B. A. Fursenko p. 1177 Modeling of the Macrokinetics of Heterogeneous Chemical Reactions during Fluid Percolation M. G. Khramchenkov p. 1180
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