Geochemistry International, 2008, V 46, N 12.

Trace Element and PGE Distribution in Layered Ferromanganese Crusts 
A. M. Asavin, L. I. Anikeeva, V. A. Kazakova, S. I. Andreev, 
D. A. Sapozhnikov, I. A. Roshchina, and L. N. Kogarko 
p. 1179   

Geochemistry and Genesis of Fe–Mn Mineralization in 
Island Arcs in the West Pacific Ocean 
A. V. Dubinin, T. Yu. Uspenskaya, G. M. Gavrilenko, 
and V. A. Rashidov 
p. 1206   

Natural Factors Controlling the Temporal Variability 
of the Major-Element Chemical 
Composition of Mineral Aerosols over the Northern Caspian 
V. V. Anikeev and G. M. Kolesov 
p. 1228   

Geochemical Diversity of Minerals of the Pyrochlore Group 
A. A. Yaroshevskii and Yu. A. Bagdasarov 
p. 1245   

Annual Seminar on Experimental Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry of 2008 O. A. Lukanin and T. I. Tsekhonya p. 1267 New Guide for Authors p. 1282