Geochemistry International, 2006, V 44, N 12, December.

 Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks from Transform Margins: Evidence
 from the Alchan Basin, Northwestern Primorie 
 V. P. Simanenko, V. V. Golozubov, and V. G. Sakhno 
 p. 1157    

 Experimental Modeling of the Transformation of H2O-CO2-CH4
 Inclusions during Isobaric Cooling and Isothermal Compression 
 O. V. Vasyukova and V. I. Fonarev 
 p. 1170  

 Silicate and Salt Melts in the Genesis of the Industrial’noe Tin Deposit:
 Evidence from Inclusions in Minerals 
 V. B. Naumov  and V. S. Kamenetsky  
 p. 1181  

 Modeling of Geochemical Processes Occurred
 during the Formation of the Schlema Deposit, Erzgebirge.
 II. Formation of Pre-Uranium Veins 
 Vikt. L. Barsukov 
 p. 1191  

 Radiogeochemical Studies of the Features of 
 Radionuclide Distribution at the Sites of Dumping 
 of Radioactive Wastes of the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago 
 O. V. Stepanets, L. A. Kodina, A. N. Ligaev, 
 A. P. Borisov, and G. Yu. Solov’eva 
 p. 1215    

 Contribution of Erosion and Intrusive-Hydrothermal 
 Activity to the Depth Profile of Organic Matter 
 Maturation in Sedimentary Basins 
 Yu. I. Galushkin and M. Makhous 
 p. 1225    

Short Communications
Rare Earth Elements in the Ores of Epithermal Gold-Silver and Silver Deposits, Russia’s Northeast R. G. Kravtsova and Ya. A. Almaz p. 1237   Growth Rate of the {0001} and {011} Faces of Quartz as a Function of Temperature G. T. Ostapenko and B. M. Mitsyuk p. 1243   Deposition of Gold on Kaolinite Surfaces from Au Solution Hong Hanlie and Tie Liyun p. 1246   Chronicle Chronicle of the Sixth Conference “Physicochemical and Petrophysical Studies in Earth Sciences”(Moscow, October 3-5, 2005) E. B. Lebedev, Yu. S. Genshaft, and A. V. Zharikov p. 1250 Contents of Volume 44, 2006 p. 1257 Author Index to Volume 44, 2006 p. 1265