Geochemistry International (Geokhimiya), 1998, V 36, N 11.

Application of Artificial Radionuclides for the Geochemical Investigations
of the Ob and Yenisei Estuaries and Adjacent Regions of the Kara Sea
O.V. Stepanets, A. P. Borisov, N. Yu. Kremlyakova, and E. M. Galimov 
p. 983  

Rare-Earth Elements in Granites and Minerals of Mineralized Zones
at the Dzhida Tungsten Deposit, Western Transbaikalia, Russia
G. F. Ivanova , I. V. Chernyshev , G. M. Kolesov , and E. V. Cherkasova 
p. 991  

Kinetics of Pb and U Loss from Metamict Zircon under Different P–T–X
O. A. Levchenkov, N. G. Rizvanova, A. V. Maslenikov, A. F.
Makeev, N. I. Bezmen, and L. K. Levsky 
p. 1006  

Mineralogical–Geochemical Assay of the Gold Content in Black Shales
of the Sayan–Baikal Mountain Land
A. A. Kulikov , A. G. Mironov , S. M. Zhmodik , V. A. Mironov ,
and D. A. Kulikov 
p. 1014  

Chlorargyrite Solubility in H2O–CO2 Fluid at 400°C: Experiments and
Thermodynamic Modeling
N. N. Akinfiev, A. V. Zotov, J. Schott, I. V. Zakirov, and J.-C.Harrichoury 
p. 1023  

Thermal Transformations of Valleriite and Tochilinite in the Copper Ores
of the Talnakh Ore Group
V. P. Zhereb, E. I. Polovinkina, V. G. Samoilov, V. Yu. Endrzheevskaya,
S. M. Markosyan, O. L. Reshetnikov, and L. I. Timoshenko 
p. 1033
Ferromanganese Crust on Pelagic Sediments: Geochemistry and Formation
A. V. Dubinin 
p. 1041  

Distribution of Antioxidants in Biological and Geoorganic Objects
V. N. Burkova, S. I. Pisareva, and N. V. Yudina 
p. 1052  

Oxygen Fluxes at the Water–Sediment Interface: Evidence from Kandalaksha
Bay, White Sea
V. V. Bogdanovskaya, A. V. Vershinin, and A.G. Rozanov 
p. 1059

Short Communications
Inclusions of Undissociated Molecular Water in Aluminosilicate Glasses: An NMR Study V. O. Zavel'skii, T. P. Salova, M. B. Epel'baum, and N. I. Bezmen p. 1065 A Quick Method for Determining Trace Concentrations of Bromine in Rock Salt Deposits V. N. Borisova, L. Z. Sadykov, T. B. Sakharova, I. I. Zybinov, and A. V. Kotov p. 1070 Contents and Accumulation Laws of Heavy Metals in Coal (the East-Kazakhstan Region Coalfield) M. S. Panin and N. M. Vorivokhina p. 1076
Chronicle of the Annual Seminar on Experimental Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry, 1998 O. A. Lukanin and T. I. Tsekhonya p. 1080