Geochemistry International, 2008, V 46, N 11.

Characteristics of Alkali Magma Differentiation at the 
Cape Verde Islands 
L. N. Kogarko 
p. 1071   

Experimental Study of Fluorine and Chlorine Contents 
in Mica (Biotite)and Their Partitioning between Mica, 
Phonolite Melt, and Fluid 
V. Yu. Chevychelov, R. E. Botcharnikov, and F. Holtz 
p. 1081   

Sm–Nd Systematics and Petrology of Postorogenic Granitoids
in the Northern Baltic Shield 
V. R. Vetrin and N. V. Rodionov 
p. 1090   

General Characteristics of the Geochemical Evolution 
of Silicic Melts during the Development of Massive Sulfide 
Magmatic Ore Systems: Evidence from the Investigation of Melt Inclusions 
I. V. Gas’kov, V. A. Simonov, and S. V. Kovyazin 
p. 1107   

Riphean Fine-Grained Aluminosilicate Clastic Rocks 
in the Southern Urals, Uchur–Maya Area, and the Yenisei Kryazh: 
Principal Litho-Geochemical Characteristics 
A. V. Maslov, A. D. Nozhkin, V. N. Podkovyrov, 
E. F. Letnikova, O. M. Turkina, Yu. L. Ronkin, N. V. Dmitrieva, 
E. Z. Gareev, O. P. Lepikhina, and O. Yu. Popova 
p. 1117   

Short Communications Geochemistry of Late Stage Medium to High-K Calc-Alkaline and Shoshonitic Dykes in the Ulukila Basin (Central Anatolia, Turkey): Petrogenesis and Tectonic Setting M. A. Kurt, M. Alpaslan, M. C. Goncuolu, and A. Temel p. 1145   Experimental Determination of ZrO2 Solubility in Alkaline Fluoride Solutions at 500°C and 1000 bar N. I. Prisyagina, N. I. Kovalenko, B. N. Ryzhenko, and N. P. Starshinova p. 1164   Fluid Dynamic Effects of Fault Structures in the Moscow Syneclise and Applications to Global Geodeformation Processes V. P. Rudakov and V. V. Tsyplakov p. 1168   Oxygen Isotopic Composition of the Mineral-Forming Fluids of Corundum-Bearing Metasomatic Rocks at the Khitoostrov and Varaka Mineral Occurrences, Northern Karelia V. I. Ustinov, I. A. Baksheev, and N. S. Serebryakov p. 1174