Geochemistry International, 1999, V 37, N 10.

Composition and Sources of Basalts in the Late Paleozoic Rift 
System of Central Asia: Geochemical and Isotopic Data
V. V. Yarmolyuk, V. S. Samoilov, V. G. Ivanov, A. A. Vorontsov, 
and D. Z. Zhuravlev 
p. 921 

87Sr/86Sr in Apatite and Titanite from Granitoids as an Indicator of the Dynamics of Endogenic Process: A Case of the Shakhtama Molybdenum Deposit, Eastern Transbaikalia V. I. Sotnikov, V. A. Ponomarchuk, A. N. Berzina, V. Yu. Kiseleva, a nd I. P. Morozov p. 936

Distinctive Geochemical Features of Igneous Rocks of the Main Ore-bearing Structures in the Central Sector of the Okhotsk-Chukot Volcanic Belt M. N. Zakharov and R. G. Kravtsova p. 943

On the Selection of Chondrites for Studying Interstellar Diamond A. V. Fisenko and L. F. Semenova p. 952

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On the Problem of Petrochemical and Geochemical Systematics of I gneous Rock Associations D. M. Orlov, M. P. Orlova, and L. V. Smelova p. 976

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Ecotoxicological Assessment of Anthropogenic Hydrogeochemical Anomalies:
An Example Being the Kola Mining and Metallurgical Complex T. I. Moiseenko and L. P. Kudryavtseva p. 1000

Short Communications

Water Macroclusters in Quartz Glass by 1H NMR Spectra and Electron Microscopy V. O. Zavel’skii, T. P. Salova, and L. N. Zavel’skaya p. 1018

Hydozincite Solubilities and the Physicochemical State o f Zinc in Seawater V. S. Savenko and I. A. Shatalov p. 1021