Geokhimiya, 1998, V 36, N 10.

Genesis and Exhumation Dynamics of Eclogites in the Kokchetav Massif
near Mount Sulu-Tyube, Kazakhstan
A. L. Perchuk, V. O. Yapaskurt, and S. K. Podlesskii 
p. 877
Geochemistry of Hercynian Granitic Rocks in the Urals: A Comparative Study
V. S. Popov, S. M. Lyapunov, and V. I. Bogatov 
p. 886  

Platinum-Group Metals at Gold Deposits in Foldbelts of Siberia
and Northeastern Kazakhstan
A. F. Korobeinikov 
p. 904  

Ferric and Ferrous Iron in Amphiboles from Ural Granitoids: Mössbauer
Analysis of Intracrystalline Distribution and Comparison with Coexisting Biotites
S. L. Votyakov, N. S. Borodina, V. N. Bykov, A. B. Mironov, and
I. N. Bushlyakov 
p. 916  

Antimony in Hydrothermal Solutions: Analysis and Generalization
of Data on Antimony(III) Chloride Complexes
V. I. Belevantsev, L. I. Gushchina, and A. A. Obolenskii 
p. 928
The Role of Traveling Fronts and Waves in the Origin
of Infiltration-driven Metasomatic Zoning
V. L. Rusinov and V. V. Zhukov 
p. 934  

Enclosures of Prebiological Organic Matter in the Primitive Hydrosphere
of the Early Earth
L. Ya. Kizil'shtein 
p. 948  

New Data on the Spectrum of Primary Naphthoids
from Experimental Hydrothermal Decomposition of Sapropelitic Carbonaceous
Yu. V. Rokosov, N. N. Rokosova, N. V. Bodoev, and K. S. Lebedev
p. 952  

Short Communications

Solubility of Chlorine in Aluminosilicate Melts I. F. Kravchuk, S. D. Malinin, and V. G. Senin p. 958 Sedimentation Environments in the Carboniferous of the Central Urals: Evidence from Isotopic Data A. T. Rasulov p. 964 Low-Temperature Thermodynamic Properties of Bikitaite I. E. Paukov, I. A. Belitskii, and G. A. Berezovskii p. 968 Field Photometric Procedure for Revealing and Studying Biogeochemical Anomalies V. G. Surin, T. A. Popova, and E. V. Kuvaldin p. 971

Geoecology in Figures and Facts D. V. Rundkvist and G. B. Naumov p. 978
Nikolai Ivanovich Khitarov (In commemoration of the 95th anniversary of his birth) p. 980