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 Concentrically Zonal Textures in a 
 Sample of the Kaidun Meteorite 
 A. V. Ivanov, M. A. Ivanova, and N. N. Kononkova 
 p. 957  
 Trace Elements and Evolution of Granite Melt 
 as Exemplified by the Raumid Pluton, Southern Pamirs 
 Yu. A. Kostitsyn, V. N. Volkov, and 
 D. Z. Zhuravlev 
 p. 971  
 Metamorphic Evolution of Mineral Assemblages 
 in the Layered Unit and Its Host Rocks
 of the Eastern Part of the Pana Massif, Kola Peninsula 
 Z. M. Voloshina, V. K. Karzhavin, and 
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 p. 983  

 Fluid Regime and Origin of Gold-Bearing 
 Rodingites from the Karabash Alpine-Type
 Ultrabasic Massif, Southern Ural 
 V. V. Murzin and S. N. Shanina 
 p. 998  

 Composition, Mineral Assemblages, and 
 Genesis of Titanite and Malayaite in Skarns 
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 Geochemical Characteristics of the 
 Modern State of Salt Lakes in Altai Krai   
 G. A. Leonova , V. A. Bobrov , 
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 and G. N. Anoshin 
 p. 1025  

 Thermodynamic Model of Natural Brines 
 Accounting for the Presence of Trace Components: 
 II. System Na+, K+, Mg2+ || Cl', Br''H2O 
 M. V. Charykova and N. A. Charykov 
 p. 1040  

Short Communications Acid-Base Equilibrium in the Surface Waters of the Humid Zone P. A. Lozovik p. 1050   Chemical Weathering Intensity of the Late Cenozoic "Red Clay" Deposits in the Carpathian Basin J. Kovacs p. 1056  
Errata Erratum: "Buffer Capacity of Surface Waters as a Geochemical Factor of Their Resistance to Acidification" [Geochemistry International45 (9), 938?944 (2007)] P. A. Lozovik, I. Yu. Potapova, and T. V. Bantsevich p. 1064