Geochemistry International, 2008, V 46, N 10.

Carbon Isotopic Composition of Diamonds from the 
Archangelsk Diamond Province 
E. M. Galimov, O. V. Palazhchenko, E. M. Verichev, 
V. K. Garanin, and N. N. Golovin 
p. 961   

Organic Matter and Deposition Conditions of the Kashpir Oil Shales 
D. A. Bushnev and N. S. Burdel’naya 
p. 971   

Crystallization of Authigenic Carbonates in Mud Volcanoes 
at Lake Baikal 
A. A. Krylov, O. M. Khlystov, T. I. Zemskaya, H. Minami, 
A. Hachikubo, H. Shoji, M. Kida, T. P. Pogodaeva, 
L. Naudts, and J. Poort 
p. 985   

Formation Conditions of Thermal Springs in the Barguzin–Baikal 
Area: Evidence from Trace Element and Isotopic Composition 
A. M. Plyusnin, M. K. Chernyavskii, and V. F. Posokhov 
p. 996   

Geochemical Zoning of Pyrite and Arsenopyrite Individuals 
from the Klyuchevskoe Gold Deposit, Eastern Transbaikalia 
D. I. Krinov 
p. 1005   

Analysis of Geologic Reference Materials for REE and HFSE 
by Inductively Coupled Plasma–Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) 
I. V. Nikolaeva, S. V. Palesskii, O. A. Koz’menko, and 
G. N. Anoshin 
p. 1016   

Organic Geochemical Study of Ypresian Sediments at Jebel 
Ousselat, Tunisia 
A. Arfaoui and M. Montacer 
p. 1023   

Short Communications
Major and Trace Element Geochemistry of Terra Rossa Soil in the Kucukkoras Region, Karaman, Turkey M. Gurhan Yalcin and Semiha Ilhan p. 1038   Chlorophyll, Primary Production, Fluxes, and Balance of Organic Carbon in the Laptev Sea A. A. Vetrov, E. A. Romankevich, and N. A. Belyaev p. 1055   Chemical Composition of Atmospheric Precipitates within the Influence Zone of the Severonikel Smelter V. A. Dauval’ter, M. V. Dauval’ter , N. V. Saltan, and E. N. Semenov p. 1064