Geochemistry International, 1999, V 37, N 1.

U-Pb Age of Rocks of the Mt. General'skaya Layered Intrusion, Kola
T. B. Bayanova, V. F. Smolkin, N. V. Levkovich, and G. I.
Ryungenen p. 1  

The Role of Andesitic-Dacitic-Rhyolitic Melts in the Crystallization
of Phenocrysts in Andesite of Bezymyannyi Volcano, Kamchatka
M. L. Tolstykh , V. B. Naumov , G. E. Bogoyavlenskaya , and N. N.
Kononkova p. 11  

The Composition of Gold from Skarn of the Sinyukha Ore Field, Altai
N. V. Roslyakova and Yu. G. Shcherbakov p. 21  

Halogen Systematics of Rock- and Ore-Forming Processes
in Convergent Paleogeodynamic Settings: An Example from the Urals
V. V. Kholodnov and R. G. Yazeva p. 30  

Hydrocarbons in the Sea of Japan Ecosystem
I. A. Nemirovskaya p. 39  

Geochemistry of Water and Bottom Sediments of the Bratsk Water Reservoir
G. A. Karnaukhova p. 46  

Zinc in the Main Components of Landscapes in Lake Baikal Basin
V. K. Kashin p. 52  

Vanadium Geochemistry of Coal: An Ecological Aspect
L. Ya. Kizil'shtein p. 63  

Replacement of H2O Molecules by D2O and CO2 in the Structural Channels of
T. A. Bul'bak, G. Yu. Shvedenkov, and G. G. Lepezin p. 69

Short Communications
Polycrystalline Diamond Aggregate (Bort) from the Shanly Kimberlite Pipe, China: Growth Features, Mineral Inclusions, and Genesis A. I. Gorshkov, Yan Nan Bao, S. V. Titkov, I. D. Ryabchikov, and L. O. Magazina p. 75 Solubility of Stibnite (Sb2S3) in Water and Hydrogen Sulfide Solutions at Temperatures of 200-300C under Vapor-Saturated Conditions and a Pressure of 500 Bar N. D. Shikina and A. V. Zotov p. 82 Relationship between Ion Conductivity and the Heat-induced Processes of Oxidation and Dehydroxylation in Ferrous-Magnesian Micas A. A. Guseinov p. 87