Geochemistry International, 2008, V 46, N 1.

 Conditions of Quaternary Magmatism at Spitsbergen Island 
 N. M. Sushchevskaya, A. N. Evdokimov, B. V. Belyatsky, 
 V. A. Maslov, and D. V. Kuz'min 
 p. 1  
 Fe- and Al-Rich Metapelites of the Teiskaya Group, 
 Yenisei Range: Geochemistry, Protoliths, 
 and the Behavior of Their Material during Metamorphism 
 I. I. Likhanov, V. V. Reverdatto, and A. E. Vershinin 
 p. 17  
 Diamond Formation in Sulfide Pyrrhotite-Carbon Melts: 
 Experiments at 6.0-7.1 GPa and Application to Natural Conditions 
 A. V. Shushkanova and Yu. A. Litvin 
 p. 37    

 NaF-Bearing Fluids: Experimental Investigation 
 at 500-800°C and P = 2000 bar
 Using Synthetic Fluid Inclusions in Quartz 
 Z. A. Kotelnikova and A. R. Kotelnikov 
 p. 48    

 Formation of Dawsonite Mineralization 
 at the Zaozernyi Deposit, Belarus 
 O. A. Limantseva, A. A. Makhnach, 
 B. N. Ryzhenko, and E. V. Cherkasova 
 p. 62  

Short Communications
Hydrocarbons in Peat-Forming Plants at Eutrophic Bogs in Western Siberia N. V. Yudina and A. V. Savel'eva p. 77   Thermodynamic Estimation of the Stability Field of Bukovskyite, an Iron Sulfoarsenate O. L. Gas'kova, G. P. Shironosova, and S. B. Bortnikova p. 85   Pressure-Dependent Variations in the Indices of Refraction and Density of Glasses in the System CaO ˇ Al2O3 nbspˇ xSiO2, where x = 2, 4 R. G. Kuryaeva and N. V. Surkov p. 92   Climatic Changes Indicated by Trace Elements in the Chagelebulu Stratigraphic Section, Badain Jaran Desert, China, since 150 kyr B.P. Yang Yi, Li Bao-sheng, Qiu Shi-fan, Wu Zheng, Gao Quan-zhou, and Li Yun-zhuo p. 96   In Memoriam Stanislav Romanovich Krainov p. 104