Geochemistry International, 2007, V 45, N 1.

Geochemical Evolution of the Zadoi Alkaline-Ultramafic 
Massif, Cis-Sayan Area, Southern Siberia 
S. V. Rasskazov, A. M. Il’yasova, A. A. Konev, 
T. A. Yasnygina, M. N. Maslovskaya,
N. N. Fefelov, E. I. Demonterova, and E. V. Saranina 
p. 1    

Mineral Assemblages and Genesis of 
Hornfelses in the Outer Contact Zone
of the Khibina Massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia 
V. V. Chashchin 
p. 15  
Uranium in Supergene Phosphorites 
Yu. N. Zanin and A. G. Zamirailova 
p. 32  

Distribution and Accumulation Rate of 
Hg in the Upper Quaternary Sediments
of the Deryugin Basin, Sea of Okhotsk 
A. S. Astakhov, K. Wallmann, M. V. Ivanov,
G. M. Kolesov, and V. V. Sattarova 
p. 47  

Hydrocarbon Gases and Helium Isotopes 
in the Paleozoic Alkaline-Ultramafic
Massifs of the Kola Peninsula 
S. V. Ikorsky and A. A. Avedisyan 
p. 62  

Metals in the River Waters of Primorye 
V. M. Shulkin, N. N. Bogdanov, and 
V. I. Kiselev 
p. 70  

Short Communications   
Some Principles in the Formation of
Organic Matter during the Early Stages
of Chemical Evolution 
L. A. Gribov 
p. 80  
Quantitative Relations in the Fractionation 
of Trace Elements during the Crystallization
Differentiation of Magmatic Melts 
A. A. Yaroshevskii 
p. 84  

Some Features of Fluid Dynamics at Platforms 
as Illustrated by the Example of Variations in 
Subsoil Radon and Seismic Noises in the Moscow
and Nizhni Novgorod Regions 
N. E. Kalinkina, V. P. Rudakov, and V. V. Tsyplakov
p. 87  

Annual Seminar on Experimental Mineralogy, 
Petrology, and Geochemistry of 2006 
O. A. Lukanin and    T. I. Tsekhonya 
p. 92