Geology of Ore Deposits, 2019, V 60, N 8.

REE Minerals in the Rocks of the Katugin Rare Metal 
Deposit, East Transbaikalia: Behavior of Lanthanides 
and Y during Crystallization of an F-Saturated Agpaitic Melt
V. B. Savelyeva, E. P. Bazarova, E. A. Khromova and S. V. Kanakin 
p. 643  

Behavior of Trace Elements in Rock-Forming Minerals 
during Partial Melting and Migmatization of 
Granites in the Aldan Shield
V. A. Glebovitsky and I. S. Sedova 
p. 658  

Stages and Formation Conditions of Productive 
Mineral Associations of the Dalnegorsk Borosilicate 
Deposit, Sikhote Alin
V. V. Ratkin, O. A. Eliseeva, M. S. Pandian, A. A. Orekhov, 
M. Mohapatra and S. K. Vishnu Priya 
p. 672  

Igneous Rocks, Fluidolites, and Rodingites of Paleocene 
Explosive Structures of the Taukha Terrane (Sikhote-Alin)
E. V. Perevoznikova, V. T. Kazachenko and S. N. Lavrik 
p. 685  

Minerals and Mineral Assemblages

Niobium Minerals As Indicators of a Genetic Link Between 
Tin-Bearing Zwitter and Lithium–Fluorine Granite of the 
Verkhneurmiysky Massif in the Amur River Region
V. I. Alekseev, K. G. Sukhanova and Yu. B. Marin 
p. 698  

Composition of Magmatic and Hydrothermal 
Zircon in the Elinovskii Massif, Gorny Altai
A. I. Gusev 
p. 708  

Oxides of the Pyrochlore Supergroup from a 
Nonsulfide Endogenic Assemblage of 
Pb–Zn–Sb–As Minerals in the Pelagonian Massif, Macedonia
D. A. Varlamov, V. N. Ermolaeva, S. Jancev and N. V. Chukanov 
p. 717  

Hydrated CO3-Bearing Analog of Manganoeudialyte from 
Alkali Pegmatites of the Konder Pluton, Khabarovsk Krai
A. S. Osipov, A. A. Antonov, T. L. Panikorovskii 
and A. A. Zolotarev jr. 
p. 726  

Plagioclase Composition in Rocks of PGE-Bearing 
Layered Series in the Vurechuaivench Massif, 
Monchegorsk Complex, Kola Region
T. V. Rundqvist, P. V. Pripachkin and A. V. Bazai 
p. 736