Geology of Ore Deposits, 2016, V 58, N 8.

Empirical Phengite Geobarometer: Background,
Calibration, and Application
V. A. Kamzolkin, S. D. Ivanov and A. N. Konilov 
p. 613  

Find of Anisotropic Carbonic Matter on
 a Curve-faced Diamond Crystal
R. L. Brodskaya, E. A. Golubev and S. I. Isaenko 
p. 623  

Scanning Electron Microscopy and Raman Spectroscopy
as Combined Methods for Studying Zoning in Minerals:
The Case of Spinels from Archean Komatiites
S. Yu. Chazhengina, Z. P. Rybnikova and S. A. Svetov 
p. 628  

Thermodynamics of Arsenates, Selenites and Sulfates
in the Oxidation Zone of Sulfide Ores: XII. 
Mineral Equilibria in the CdSeH2O System at 25C
M. V. Charykova, A. V. Vishnevsky, V. G. Krivovichev, 
E. L. Fokina, N. M. Ivanova, N. V. Platonova and 
V. V. Semenova 
p. 636  

Chemical Composition, Isotopic UPb Age, 
and Source of Zircon from Polymineralic 
Ichetyu Occurrence, Middle Timan
A. B. Makeev, T. B. Bayanova, 
S. E. Borisovsky and O. M. Zhilicheva 
p. 646  

New Minerals, Classification, and Nomenclature of Minerals

Tatarinovite 3Al(SO4)[(H)4](H)6  12H2O, a New Ettringite-Group
 Mineral from the Bazhenovskoe Deposit, Middle Urals, 
Russia, and Its Crystal Structure
N. V. Chukanov, A. V. Kasatkin, N. V. Zubkova, S. N. Britvin,
L. A. Pautov, I. V. Pekov, D. A. Varlamov, Ya. V. Bychkova, 
A. B. Loskutov and E. A. Novgorodova 
p. 653  

Dachiardite-K, (K2Ca)(Al4Si20O48)  13H2O, 
a New Zeolite from Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria
N. V. Chukanov, S. Encheva, P. Petrov, I. V. Pekov,
D. I. Belakovskiy, S. N. Britvin and S. M. Aksenov 
p. 666  

Minerals and Mineral Assemblages Allanite-(Y) and Allanite-(Ce) Paragenesis in Tourmalinite of the Severnyi Pluton, Chukchi Peninsula, and the Relationship between Yttrium and Lanthanides in Allanite V. I. Alekseev, Yu. B. Marin and I. M. Gembitskaya p. 674 New Data on REE and Rare-Metal Mineralization in Pegmatites of the Slyudyanogorsk Muscovite Deposit in the Southern Urals V. I. Popova, V. A. Muftakhov, V. A. Popov, I. A. Blinov and V. A. Kotlyarov p. 681 Unusual Shape of Pyrrhotite Inclusions in Scapolite of Igneous Rocks from the Southernern Urals V. G. Korinevsky and E. V. Korinevsky p. 691 Chrome Spinels and Accessory Mineralization in the Weathering Crust of the Vladimir Deposit, Varshavsky Ultramafic Massif, Southern Urals M. N. Ankushev, V. V. Zaykov, V. A. Kotlyarov and M. E. Romanenko p. 697