Geology of Ore Deposits, 2008, V 50, N 8.

 Scheme of Mineral Facies of Metamorphic Rocks 
 S. A. Bushmin and V. A. Glebovitsky 
 p. 659  

 Structural and Compositional Zoning and Formation Conditions 
 of the Greater Eastern Litsa BIF Occurrence, Kola Peninsula 
 G. Yu. Ivanyuk and P. M. Goryainov 
 p. 670  

 REE Minerals of Alkaline Metasomatic Rocks in the Main Sayan Fault 
 V. B. Savel'eva and N. S. Karmanov 
 p. 681  

 The Number of Minerals of Different Chemical Elements: Statistics 2007 
 A. A. Yaroshevsky 
 p. 697  

 Chemical, Structural, and Chemical?Structural Varieties 
 of Minerals and Once Again on Ways to Rationalize 
 Mineralogical Nomenclature 
 A. G. Bulakh 
 p. 702  

 New Minerals 
 Andrianovite, Na12(K,Sr,Ce)3Ca6Mn3Zr3Nb(Si25O73)(O, H2O,OH)5, 
 a New Potassium-Rich Mineral Species of the Eudialyte Group 
 from the Khibiny Alkaline Pluton, Kola Peninsula, Russia
 A. P. Khomyakov, G. N. Nechelyustov, R. K. Rastsvetaeva, 
 and K. A. Rozenberg 
 p. 705  

 Britvinite, Pb15Mg9(Si10O28)(BO3)4(CO3)2(OH)12O2, 
 a New Mineral Species from Langban, Sweden
 N. V. Chukanov, O. V. Yakubovich, I. V. Pekov, 
 D. I. Belakovsky, and W. Massa 
 p. 713  

 Minerals and Parageneses of Minerals 
 Amphiboles of the Khibiny Alkaline Pluton, Kola Peninsula, Russia 
 N. G. Konopleva, G. Yu. Ivanyuk, Ya. A. Pakhomovsky, 
 V. N. Yakovenchuk, Yu. P. Men'shikov, and Yu. A. Korchak 
 p. 720  

 Pyroxenes of the Khibiny Alkaline Pluton, Kola Peninsula 
 V. N. Yakovenchuk, G. Yu. Ivanyuk, Ya. A. Pakhomovsky, 
 Yu. P. Men'shikov, N. G. Konopleva, and Yu. A. Korchak 
 p. 732  

 PGM in Chromite Ore of the Sopcheozero Deposit, Kola Peninsula 
 Yu. N. Neradovsky and E. E. Savchenko 
 p. 746  

 Elpasolite from Hyperalkaline Pegmatite of 
 the Khibiny Pluton, Kola Peninsula. 
 Symmetry of Elpasolite 
 I. V. Pekov, N. V. Chukanov, N. N. Kononkova, N. V. Zubkova, 
 M. Kh. Rabadanov, and D. Yu. Pushcharovsky 
 p. 749  

 Metamorphic-Hydrothermal Parkerite and Associated 
 Minerals in the Noril'sk Ore Field 
 E. M. Spiridonov, Yu. D. Gritsenko, and A. I. Ponomarenko 
 p. 755  

 Copper Sulfide Pseudomorphs after Phytodetritus 
 in Devonian Sedimentary Rocks of the Middle Timan Region 
 I. Kh. Shumilov 
 p. 763  

 Sc- and REE-Bearing Ixiolite and Associated Minerals 
 from the Sosedka Pegmatite Vein in the Malkhan Pegmatite 
 Field, Central Transbaikal Region 
 E. V. Badanina, V. V. Gordienko, A. Wiechowski, 
 and G. Friedrich 
 p. 772  

 Microzoning of Agates As a Reflection of Their Formation Dynamics 
 V. V. Slastnikov, Yu. O. Punin, and A. R. Nesterov 
 p. 782  

 Mineralogical Crystallography 
 Crystal Chemistry of Selenates with Mineral-Like Structures: 
 V. Crystal Structures of (H3O)2[(UO2)(SeO4)2(H2O)](H2O)2
 and (H3O)2[(UO2)(SeO4)2(H2O)](H2O), New Compounds 
 with Rhomboclase and Goldichite Topology 
 S. V. Krivovichev 
 p. 789  

 Crystal Chemistry of Selenates with Mineral-Like Structures. 
 VI. Hydrogen Bonds in the Crystal Structure of 
 S. V. Krivovichev 
 p. 795  

 Crystal Chemistry of Natural and Synthetic Lead Oxohalides: 
 II. Crystal Structure of Pb7O4(OH)4Br2 
 O. I. Siidra, S. V. Krivovichev, and W. Depmeier 
 p. 801  

 Morphology of Diamonds from Kimberlite Pipes of 
 the Catoca Field, Angola 
 V. N. Zinchenko 
 p. 806  

 Methods of Research of Minerals, Rocks, and Ores 
 Discrete and Functional?Geometric Methods of Infrared Spectroscopy 
 of Minerals Using Reference Samples 
 N. V. Chukanov, V. A. Dubovitsky, S. A. Vozchikova, 
 and S. M. Orlova  
 p. 815  

 The Second International Conference on 
 Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy 
 A. E. Glikin, V. G. Krivovichev, W. Depmeier, 
 and W. Schmahl 
 p. 827

 Author Index to Volume 50, 2008 
 p. 830

 Contents of Volume 50, 2008 
 p. 834