Geology of Ore Deposits, 2021, V 63, N 6.

Baikal–Vilyui Paleoproterozoic Belt of The Siberian 
Platform: Regional Gold-Controlling Structure
V. V. Stogny and G. A. Stogny 
p. 465  

Characteristics and Genesis of Organic Matter
within the Lower Member of Yaojia Formation
and its Implications for Tabular-type
Uranium Deposits in the Southwest of Songliao Basin
Huang Shaohua, Qin Mingkuan, Liu Zhangyue, 
Deng Fuli, Huang Xiao, Guo Qiang and Jia Licheng 
p. 474  

Implicating the Origin and Depositional 
Environment of Banded Iron Formation (BIF) 
of Bonai-Keonjhar Iron Ore Belt in Eastern 
India from its Petrography and Geochemistry
S. K. Nanda and D. Beura 
p. 497  

Fluid Inclusions and Raman Spectroscopy of 
Anglesite from Uchich Sulphide Mineralization, 
Himachal Himalaya, India: Implication for the 
Alteration of Ores during Exhumation Along the Thrust
S. Rana, R. Sharma and S. Kumar 
p. 515  

New Copper–Precious Metal Occurrence in Gabbro 
of the Serebryansky Kamen Massif, Ural Platinum 
Belt, Northern Urals
V. V. Mikhailov, S. Yu. Stepanov, A. V. Kozlov, 
S. V. Petrov, R. S. Palamarchuk, V. V. Shilovskikh 
and V. D. Abramova 
p. 528  

Conditions and Mechanisms of the Formation 
of Sulfide–Oxide Mineralization upon Melt 
Differentiation in the Intermediate Chamber: 
Example of Intrusion on the Western Slope 
of the Southern Urals
S. G. Kovalev and S. S. Kovalev 
p. 556  

Gold–Telluride Mineralization in Ore of 
the Pionerskoe Gold–Quartz Deposit (Eastern Sayan, Russia)
A. D. Izvekova, B. B. Damdinov, L. B. Damdinova 
and M. L. Moskvitina 
p. 579  

The World’s Largest Fouta Djallon–Mandingo 
Bauxite Province (West Africa): Part 2. 
The Effect of Parent Rock Composition on 
the Abundance and Quality of Bauxites
V. I. Mamedov, M. A. Makarova, N. M. Boeva, 
D. A. Vnuchkov and N. S. Bortnikov 
p. 599